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Granite countertops always are a great addition to your homes as they serve as a marvelous piece of art. Seeing the cost associated with them, most people are often afraid of kitchen countertop cleaning them as don’t want to spoil its beauty by doing it the wrong way.

It is a natural stone and need your special care to look attractive all time. A few simple do’s and don’ts will guide you through the easiest way of keeping your granite countertops clean so that they can retain their shine forever.

Regular countertop cleaning

Your basic cleaning of the countertops is the most important step. Dust off the countertop surface using a microfiber cloth. Remember that your countertop needs regular wiping and sometimes even with water. Make it a point to wipe it off using a stone cleaner originated on a neutral PH using a damp cloth. Completely avoid the use of acidic cleaners like vinegar, lemon or ammonia as they can etch the surface of the granite stone. If some oily stains are present, a mixture of 5 small spoons of your dish soap plus a cup of baking soda is mixed with the right amount of water and kept on the stain overnight by covering the region with a thick plastic. Another cheap way to clean your marble counterpart is to use denatured alcohol which can be readily available at any nearby home improvement store. Use it in ¼ ratio diluted with water and you will find effective result.

Granite sealing

It is essential for you to have a seasonal maintenance for your granite countertops. One needs to re-seal their granite counters at least once a year or in six months. You can check easily whether it’s time to get your countertop sealed or not; you can do this by spilling handful of water over the counter and cover it with plastic. In case it absorbs all the water (recognize it by darkening of the area), it’s high time that you get it sealed. To seal granite, you should buy a good professional sealant product either online or from your nearest store. Check whether sealer is designed for use on granite. Follow the instructions precisely.

Look for areas on the counter so that you are sure that it does not have any cracking especially at the edges. In case, there are some heavy damages on the granite countertop company, look for a professional granite contractors to seek help from kitchen expert.

Follow the information tips above to enjoy the long-lasting effect of granite.

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