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Pag is one of the largest island of the Adriatic Sea, famous for the popular cheese, wine and lamb meat, crystal clear sea and numerous beaches. It is completely entitled to the nickname it carries, Croatian Ibiza. Thanks to the several festivals, 24-hours parties with world-known DJs and numerous clubs, the island of Pag became one of the favorite destinations for young people all over the Europe who like to party.

This island is located in the northern Dalmatia and covers about 3,000 square km. Tourists center of the island is Novalja with its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. The city of Novalja has kept the Mediterranean charms and warmth and many of its beaches are marked with blue flag. The nature on the island is very diverse, colorful and vivid with contrastive landscape that combine in a wonderful scenery surrounded by the clear sea. The climate of this part of the country is mild Mediterranean, with just enough amount of freshness. You can enjoy all this beauty in some of the restaurants and taverns where they serve some of the most delicious local specialties. You should definitely try the local ham, lamb meat and seafood. Also, there is the unavoidable brandy with the taste of fig or mistletoe.

For those who like activities, there are numerous beaches where you can find numerous activities like scooters, volleyball playground, jumpers, sledges and there is also a ski lift, one of the most modern lifts for water skiing in Europe. You can also find bungee jumping, ski jet and speedboat with parachute. One of the most famous beaches in Pag is certainly Zrce, the reason why Pag became Croatian Ibiza. It is a large pebble beach and during the season you can find there thousands of tourists. Here are situated some of the most famous clubs in Pag. One of them is papaya Club, which is now widely known as a host to some of the world-famous DJs during the summer season. The capacity of the club is 5,000 people and those who have been there describe it as the best open-air club in this part of Europe.

Planjka is also a great beach; it is a sandy beach located northwest from Novalja and is perfect for families. These two beaches have blue flags. Another beautiful beach is Caska, located where in the past was a legendary ancient city that sank and the remains can be found underwater near the beach.
For the visitors who are culture lovers, there are some interesting places in Pag. For example, there is the city museum in Novalja, which is so attractive mostly because in the building there is a entrance to the underground water supply from the ancient times, built back in the 1st century B.C. It is over a km long and it is rock-hewn. On the west part of the island, about 30 minutes away from Novalja is a large olive orchard which was made a botanical reserve back in 1963.

There is a lot of interesting places to see on the island and numerous activities for all generations. Pag is a great host to anyone who visits it and it won’t disappoint you, for sure.

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