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Are you one of the million people who’s aiming to get that size small shirt? Or those jeans that fit a 24? And that drop-dead-gorgeous bathing suit you’ve always dreamed of wearing on the beach? Guilty as charged, we envy the women who are naturally thin and are effortlessly sexy no matter how much they munch on that double-patty cheeseburger with large fries and an upsized drink. You find it unfair? Well, you have to do something and that should be NOW!

To get started, you have to research on a healthy weight loss program that suits your body and lifestyle. You have to consult an expert about it because not all programs have the same effect on everyone. This will also save you from spending too much money, time, effort, and emotions.

That super bod requires an Investment

Getting that dream weight and body requires an investment. And it’s not just about the money, but the determination and commitment in order to make your chosen program work. See, it can be very inspiring and be motivated to begin a weight loss program, but the question is – can you maintain it until the end of the program or until it became a part of your everyday routine? Challenging, right? But it’s where most of us fail.

Top 3 Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Why push yourself immediately when you can start it nice and slow. The first program on the list is:

The At-Home Diet Program

The first step in learning starts at home. And that is exactly what this weight loss plan is all about. Just because you’re in the comforts of your own home gives you the liberty to do whatever you want and eat anything you like – NO. This is where your self-discipline and control begins. Let your freedom in the kitchen become your remote control in your food intake or your overeating tendencies.

Instead of spending too much time watching TV, gadgets, or playing video games, why not reinvent your life with other things aside from food. Try substituting it with outdoor physical activities like an everyday walk at the park, running or walking with your dog, biking around with your siblings, or engaging in some basic sports with family and friends. That alone will play a huge impact on your physical change. Plus, trying out a healthy and low-calorie recipe at home will definitely harness your success in losing weight.

The Foot Work Plan

This weight loss program is not about starting your day 1 by running or jogging. It just simply requires you to walk. And as much as possible get that experts advise of 10,000 strides every single day for your body to get all the health benefits. Along with a proper diet, adding more pace to your everyday activity is a huge plus. Using a pedometer that can monitor your every step and body movement, you can be reminded that you’re on the right track to getting fit and healthy.

Walking to your school or office, parking a bit far from the Mall’s entrance, using the stairs instead of the elevator is just some of the fat-burning, calorie-crushing everyday activity that you can do even during your hectic schedule.

The Keto Diet Plan

Been hearing this famous weight loss diet program after Kourtney Kardashian confessed to the world about how big of a fan she is about the ketogenic weight loss method. Where fat intake is higher, we’re talking about the healthy fats, while your carbs are lower.

If you wanted to try this kind of healthy diets for weight loss program, your meal should be packed with eggs, fish and seafood, nuts, avocados and dairy products that are rich in fat. By embracing this kind of eating habit, your body will burn fat instead of carbohydrates and converts it into energy. This is what experts describe as the ketosis state.

Do your own research before you jump into trying various weight loss or diet programs. Always consult the experts for you to be properly guided on what plan or method is right for you. Because not all programs will bring out the same result. However, the moment you found the routine that really suits you, stick with it and stay committed.

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