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The world has come to a screeching halt amidst this pandemic. It’s been more than a year and it’s still going strong, unfortunately. The new normal is not yet normal for us, as we are trying our best in accommodating it. So far, every noticeable event has been canceled or postponed or done with very limited guests. But what about engaged couples who had weddings planned? The only viable option is to have a virtual wedding. How can this be possible, read below and get all answers to the FAQs related to the planning and hiring wedding party rentals.

Step By Step Guide To Your Tech-Savvy Virtual Wedding

Before diving in, make a list of all the necessary accompaniments.

Your Virtual Platform

These virtual platforms have become our mates for life. These will assist you in throwing a beautiful wedding ceremony too. There are a host of options available here. You can choose from Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, FaceTime, or any other certified application that your device supports well. You need to have a stable internet connection and devices that comply with the virtual platforms for a clear, neat live stream. You can even utilize Facebook live to host your virtual wedding.

The Necessary Tech Gear

Next comes the tech gear. Since this is a virtual wedding, you cannot compromise on the gear. You will be needing a laptop or tablet to cover the ceremony, a tripod, or a stand to hold up your device and portable Wi-Fi devices. Even your smartphone can do the job, provided it is amply charged and can stream the event without flickering. Run a test transmission on all your devices two days before the wedding to steer clear from any last moment glitches.

Wedding Vendors

For a virtual wedding, you can bid farewell to the traditional wedding vendors, but the photographer is one person whom you will still need. Tell him beforehand that you will be streaming the event live, so he can have room for his position for the shots. Another point to consider is that he has to keep the guests also incorporated into the photos. He has to take shots from the live stream to record the expressions of the guests behind the screens.

Informing The Guests

Now that your wedding is all planned, it is time to inform your guests. Since your wedding is far away from the former normal, and coordinates with the new normal, keep your guests in the loop. Send them personalized e-invites. In your invites, you can provide the links to the event. For the not so tech-savvy guests, you can go overboard and brief them on how to get online to connect to the live stream. Also, ask them to RSVP so you know how many people to accommodate for the guest baskets, and snacks if you are providing any.

Get Ready

It’s time for you to plan things for yourself. Many consider this pandemic era a boom for e-commerce. You too can benefit from this and order all your essentials online. Browse through endless options on the internet where you can shop for your dress and accessories at affordable prices. Rings can also be customized and ordered from reliable sources. There are even special websites dedicated to packing guest baskets where you can provide them the list of accompaniments and they will deliver them at addresses provided by you. This is a nice way to integrate your loved ones into the most important event of your life.

Get Married

The wedding day has arrived. Since it’s far from being normal, practice twice or thrice about how you want the wedding to proceed. It’s much different from an actual physical event in front of your loved ones. But you still have the option to make them a part of your big day, one way or the other. Your friends and photographer are there to accompany you with the social distancing measures in mind.

These were just a few tips to help you synchronize your virtual wedding. You must check with your local council for any restrictions in this pandemic to save yourself from last moment upsets. You may need some sort of catering and seating arrangements because you may have some closed ones attending in-person so check out wedding rental packages Maryland.

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