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Party chair cover rentals are equally important decision along with chair rentals. You will need to have a clear idea about the color and other details that would be presented on your wedding day. Chair covers especially have potential to create a dramatic effect in the venue layout. You would be surprised how a little experimentation and careful detailing would change the appearance of all other arrangements. You would need to be a little creative and take help of a color or venue layout expert to help you in deciding the chair covers. There are few things that should be considered while selecting wedding chair covers.

Get the Right Chair cover rentals

Wedding chair cover suppliers would be aware about the size of chair in surrounding venues. But, if you have made some special arrangements of chairs then you should mention the sizes of chair to them. All other factors like style, color and setting of chair would only matter if you have right size of cover. If somehow there are variations of sizes in your venue or in any other setting, then they would not be able to solve the issue.

Use Different Combination

General colors of wedding chair would be light colors like white, light pink or off white. But, if you are sure about your color combination schemes and want to experiment you can try out bright colored covers. These may cost you more than light colored covers as they would not be used usually by other people.

Detailing Effect

Once you have selected covers for chair and their colors another important thing would be to select color of bows, ribbons or sashes. You have to be very detail oriented while putting on ribbons and bows. Try to get each on exact lengths as the other one. This uniformity is must to increase the beauty of venue.

Keep a Back-up

Always order 10-15 covers more than required. You have to stay ready for the accidents and any unexpected increments in guests. This would keep you calm and confident about the chair arrangements on your wedding day. You can always order chair covers along with wedding chair rentals or you can buy them, as wedding tent rentals. These days wedding chair covers are so cheap, they would cost equal to the cost of renting. You can find out your desired colored chair covers from the market. In case the colors you want are costing you more while buying, then you should order them on rent.

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