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The man bun hairstyle is spreading like wild fire. More and more guys are growing their hair out these days. But why is this trend suddenly catching on? The man bun hairstyle has unexpectedly become a very popular haircut among younger men. Interesting enough, there has also been a lot of backlash on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Many memes have been popping up, poking fun at them. There has even been a photo of Donald Trump in a man bun that has gone viral. Regardless, men are taking a liking towards them and so have some women.

So why wear the man bun hairstyle? For starters, having long hair can give rise to many more hairstyle options. Tying your hair up in a man bun is a great option for when you’re at work. Then you’re at home or hanging with your friends, you could let your hair down and wear it totally different. Also the man bun is a great choice for when you’re exercising or playing sports. Having your hair in your face can be really annoying, so tying it up can really help. Simply put, long hair allows for more hairstyle options.

So who are all of these man bun-wearing guys? Lots of different types of guys have rockin’ it, but from what I’ve noticed the majority of these men are younger. Many of these guys are likely high school or college students. Some of them are athletes such as football and basketball players. They are also most likely unemployed because long hair is typically not acceptable work place. In general, you don’t see too many men with long hair in business attire. Then again, by having your haired tied up in a bun, you could maintain a professional look, so it’s possible that some employers would be okay with it.

Long hair and man buns may not be for everyone though. It takes s a lot of time and commitment. Over 8 months before you are able to put it in a bun. It also changes up your morning routine. Having long hair typically takes longer to maintain. You spend more time washing and “fixing it up”. Also just the simple act of hair drying can take upwards to 20 minutes.

How long until man buns are out of style? I’d give it another year or two until it sort of becomes unoriginal. So what’s going to be the next hairstyle fashion trend among men? Is it possible that mullets will make their way back from the 80’s? Imagine how funny it would be to walk around your city and see guys with mullets. Whatever the case may be, I think that we’ll be seeing many more long haired men due to the our socially progressive nature.

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