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As the humid days of summer season start to lose color; nasal blocking, sinus pain, blubbering, sneezing, irritated and watery eyes often hint the harvest for the ill-fated 26 million US residents who are allergic to fall pollen. Visiting allergy specialist doctor is important. So whilst a lot of people reach agriculturist’s place to purchase bushels of harvest apples and corn, you may be going to the medicine shops for OTC allergy medicines, pairs of handkerchiefs, and aspiring for the primary freeze of autumn to approach speedily. The positive news is that many natural allergic reaction cures work more efficiently in order to fight ragweed and other pollen as against allergy medications.

If you are harassed by fall allergic reactions

  • Clean your house and make it allergen-free. Keep all the doors as well as panes close.
  • You can utilize HEPA air cleaners, and make use of welcome mats so you do not track in substances that can cause an allergy.
  • If you work in the lawn, put on a mask to diminish respiring pollen, and clean your face as well as hands when you are going to your room.
  • During night, take bath and clean your hair to get rid of the day’s collection of spore.
  • Keep the windows of your vehicle like car shut.
  • Check out the daily intake of your food. Certain foodstuffs can turn your cyclic allergic reactions worse. Those who are supersensitive to ragweed could have troubles after consuming water melons, cucumber, zucchini, bananas, and chamomile tea.

“Inhalant allergens are substances, which can activate allergic reaction symptoms when breathed in by sensitive individuals,” clarifies Bruce Gordon, managing director, an ear, nose, and throat allergic reaction expert at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, Mass., and a tutor at Harvard University, Mass.

You can also consume these natural aids in order to get rid of cyclic allergic reactions –

  • Butterbur – This is very useful in putting control over the indications of hay fever.
  • Quercetin – This is an inhibitor detected in a lot of fruits as well as veggies, comprising onions and apples, and it works as an anti-inflammatory, which aids suppress the indications of allergic problems.
  • Stinging nettle – This herbaceous plant is helpful in slashing sneezing and sniffing problem.
  • Acupuncture – This is also helpful in eradicating allergic reaction symptoms.

If you are still depressed, visit your physician. You can also take allergy shots after consulting an allergist.

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