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Are you looking to hire a stone veneer contractor? Well, they are very many and finding one is not a problem. However, you can get hosed if you are not careful. But how do you avoid that? Well, read on and find out.

Whenever you speak to any experienced homeowner, he or she will tell you a story, which will fall into two categories. In simple term, you will be told either how the job looks great or how it has been a bad experience since the contractor started working.

Here are some of the most helpful tips.

  • Get recommendations

If you are looking to hire a stone veneer contractor, the best place to start is to ask your friends, family, local businesses and neighbors who have contact with stone veneer contractors. Ask your neighbors if they know a good contractor who will be able to get the job done according to your specific needs and budget without having to compromise the quality.

Ask your family members in the area especially if they have had similar projects undertaken by a contractor. Apart from family members and friends, you can also stop by any local business and ask for a few references. Actually, getting recommendations from the people you trust is the best way to hire a stone veneer contractor without getting hosed.

  • Check licensing and permit requirements

Almost all states require that a stone veneer contractor to have a license. So, before you start calling the contractors that you have listed as the best ones, you should conduct a bit of background check to see whether they are licensed. Furthermore, be sure to verify their permit requirements for you to be sure that you are not getting hosed.

It’s highly recommended that you verify the information your potential stone veneer contractor has provided you with even if the contractor’s reputation is very good. In fact, even the most reputable contractors tend to take their time to make sure that everything is done correctly.

  • Check for complaints

It’s advisable that you check if there are any outstanding complains against your potential stone veneer contractor. If his past and current clients are not happy then chances are high that the masonry services you will receive will not meet your expectations. Furthermore, you can also go online and check reviews. In that way, you will know whether he has been offering good services.

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