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Pit bull

Yes,” heroes come in all shapes and sizes”……. And Pit bull dogs are the perfect example for this quote. Pit bulls are loyal and an amazing breed of dog. There are many heroic activities associated with pit bull dogs, which make them real hero. However, ownership of the pit bull dog is not an easy task. If responsible care and proper training are not provided to pit bulls, they can be dangerous.

Reasons to Consider Owning a Pit bull dog

Apart from all the rumors and Pit Bull Hero Stories, there are many apparent reasons to buy Pit bull dogs. There is nothing more pleasant than free friendship offered by this breed of dogs. In terms of physical appearance, pit bulls are among one of the most handsome breed puppies in the world. And if treated with kindness and respect, these dogs can stay like this for a long time.

Pit bulls are easy to train, and they are flexible to various kinds of training. It means these dogs are capable of grasping multiple things. They learn and adapt things easily. But you need to train them with all politeness because they do not respond to harsh commands.

The one important thing that many people do not understand about pit bulls is that while they are very protective, it their natural instinct to protect, not attack. People think that pit bulls will attack them anywhere and anytime. But it’s not going to happen. They may growl or bark, but they are not going to attack like that. In fact, pit bulls are really very gentle with kids.

Heroic stories of Pit Bulls

A female pit bull dog Lily, saved her owner from train on the railroad tracks.

A brave pit bull dog Abby, saved neighbor from house fire.

A humble and polite dog Titan saved the life of a woman suffering from Brain Aneurysm.

A cute pit bull dog named Jack rescued a kitty from backyard. (Heights of cuteness)

A bull dog Bo gallantly saved another dog from drowning.

So these are some heroic stories of pit bull dogs, for more stories, you can check internet resources like and others.

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