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Adau Mornyang

Adau Mornyang, she glides across runways worldwide just as easy as her name rolls off your tongue. So stunning and graceful its no wonder why she walks in some of the most incredible shows. Not only does she kill the runway every time she touches it, she has a killer attitude to match. So sweet and kind, she’s always a joy to be around.

A few weeks ago Adau went to Paris for a month for their show season. But before she left I had her try out Doll Dolce. She absolutely loved it! While having a full face of makeup she began to apply the cream to her face. She couldn’t believe that her makeup was disappearing right before her eyes and was rinsed clean with water. “This is the best product I have ever used to remove makeup and it leaves my skin really soft!”, Adau Mornyang take a look at her youtube video using Doll Dolce by Aviskin

Show season in Paris means a lot of makeup! So I made sure I sent her off with a full jar of Doll Dolce to keep her skin cleansed, moisturized, rejuvenated, and toned!

Adau Mornyang has impressed the famous American talk show queen Tyra Banks. The former supermodel shared the South Sudanese model’s pic on her IG recently.

“Lady lookin’ like a Barbie in my fave color. Yellow! Post your fave colors and tag #ColorLove.” She captioned the picture.   “Quoted By Tyra Banks

Currently the picture has 51.5k likes and 661 comments on Instagram

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