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The moment you have learned after a visit from a gynecology clinic that you are a ‘soon-to-be-mom’ there were like hundreds of butterflies in your tummy and you just feel so happy and excited. A  total mixture of emotions of a first time mom.

Tender Love And Care

As first time parents, you swear to provide everything that your child  will need: Care, Love, Attention, Material things, Toys, and complete, happy family.

Eventually, you have pulled off your plans of being one of the greatest parents on the planet and continuously provide all your kids needs. But GADGETS should not be part of that ‘everything’.

Kids And Gadgets

So, what makes children attracted to gadgets? Can they really get in trouble interacting with gadgets? The latter question is quite an obvious issue nowadays while there are some parents who still seem to be oblivious of the global fact about the effects of gadgets to the younger generations.

It’s quite obvious that teens and kids are too attached to their personal or parents phone or gadget at this present time. They could hardly stand a minute without holding and browsing it, let alone an entire day doing nothing but just a moment with their phones. There is nothing wrong when playing with your phones or gadgets, but for some kids, it seems to be the only prized possession that they have. Well, thanks to parents who are seemed blinded by the obvious ill-effect of gadgets that is right on their children’s hands.

If you’re a parent of  a child under age 15, maybe you should be curious about how your kid is using those gadgets. Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons why children are so hooked to these electronic gadgets.

Reasons Why Children Are Attracted To Gadgets

  • This is how everything starts. You willingly hand them your phone in order to keep them occupied when they were younger. Well, it becomes a habit now.
  • They wanted to have a mobile device because their classmates and friends has one.
  • Well, physical activities are now digital and it invites kids to be competitive and interactive through online games.
  • The way how social media platforms are designed is one reason why many are so addicted to it – both children and adults actually. Eventually, your children are starting to be conscious about what others say about them online. Which becomes a big deal to them until it progress into an issue in the long run.

The Impact Of These Electronic Devices

The sad truth is, kids are more defenseless when busy with their gadgets than grown ups.  And below are the effects of it to your child’s health and well-being.

  • Hinders Cognitive Development

The baby’s brain develops at such a rapid pace from the moment they are born. Once they get exposed to gadgets, it slows down the cognitive development, hearing problem manifests, and they become poor in focusing their attention. So if you wanted a child to develop normally, be that person who reads or sings for them and not those virtual characters.

  • An Obsession That Leads To Agitation

When you start pacifying your toddler with a gadget that they can play with can eventually become an object they grow obsessed with.  This obsession can level up into agitation and temper issues once you start to take these gadgets away from them or refused to hand over your phone. So if you don’t want your toddler throw tantrums or an attitude that will embarrass the both of you, limit their exposure to electronic devices

  • Delayed Physical Development

Your toddler should be discovering how to walk and run around or starts playing with colorful blocks and other toys instead of being fixated to the TV or tablet.  Their lack of physical activity will result in the delay of their physical development and obesity which  is never a good sign since they’ve been glued to their phones.

  • Limited Social Interaction

The moment your toddler and a gadget become a power duo, don’t expect the child to be interactive with other people or sees how fun it is to bond with the rest of the family. It’s better to encourage your kid to be a social butterfly rather than tolerating them to stay in their cocoons.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have problems with your growing child, avoid too much exposure to electronic devices, instead allow them to explore the world and get dirty because they are learning things the normal way. So with your baby on the way, make it a habit to visit your women’s choice clinic DC to get a proper monitoring of your baby’s health.

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