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A lot of people love bread, in fact the whole world does. Who wouldn’t? It’s a cottony piece of “go-to” staple and it has a lot of varieties. If you really love bread that much, why not throw a bread party and invite all the bread lovers in your community and celebrate the joys and benefits that bread does for you. The party rentals can help you with your party needs just inform them what you want and need.


There are a lot of reasons why bread is the most favorite staple next to rice or pasta, because this piece of delicious carbs can provide a lot of wonders.

  • It’s cheap.

Obviously, bread is much less cost effective that dairy products, meat and sometimes even vegetables. It’s also good, nutritious and healthy and is an edible piece, everyone in the family can eat and enjoy.

  • You simply like it.

When you like something, no one can stop from doing it. And when it comes to your strongest inclination to bread, you should not deprive yourself of it. Especially if you can eat a whole bunch of your favorite loaf doesn’t mean that you should – even with your favorite butter. First, you can get sick from overeating and second, too much carbs is not good for the body. Just eat it in moderation, just like how you consume a piece of chocolate cake.

  • It makes a great breakfast.

Because you cannot just serve eggs and bacon alone for breakfast, bread is always the best breakfast partner. If you love playing chef, you can make pancakes, scones or muffins as a great alternative to your daily loaf or buns. Serving bread variations once in a while is a great move.

  • The Bible states it.

Bread is one of the food that was mentioned in the bible and is believed to be their staple too together with other dishes back then. Therefore, if bread is not healthy and will not be good for you, why would Jesus even call himself the “Bread of life”, right?

Some Bread Party Bread Recipes

So, going back to your bread party, have you already thought of what to serve? Since it’s a “bread” event, of course, you should be serving a lot of bread recipe varieties.

The Tomato- Cheddar

  • On a white bread, spread the mayonnaise. Sandwich with tomato slices, cheddar and watercress. Remove the crusts and slice it into pieces, then serve.

Ham, Brie and Apple

  • Spread softened butter together with Dijon mustard on a split French bread loaf. Cover it with deli ham, sliced Brie and a few slices of green apple. Cut into serving pieces.


  • Create a mixture of 4 tablespoons softened butter, ½ teaspoon grated lemon zest and 1 tablespoon fresh herbs, chopped. Spread the mixture on white bread and put sliced cucumber, then sandwich. Cut the side crusts and slice it into serving pieces.

Grilled Shrimp-Ham

  • Blend ¼ cup jarred piquillo peppers along with 3 tablespoons of mayo. Spread the mix on white bread. Put grilled shrimp and sliced serrano ham, then sandwich them. Cut the side crusts and cut into pieces, then serve.

Steak au Poivre

  • Combine 4 tablespoons of softened butter and fresh herbs, chopped. Spread the mix on baguette rounds. Top it with thinly sliced steak together with crushed peppercorns.

Asparagus slices

  • Create a mix of 3 tablespoons of softened butter and a tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs. Spread the concoction on pumpernicked bread; cut into rectangular shapes. Slice the tips of the cooked asparagus and cut it half lengthwise; lay it on the bread and drip it with lemon juice and olive oil. Finish it with chopped boiled egg, salt and pepper. This one is going to be a bomb!


Here are some of the breads that you will love to have in your Bread Party.

  • Baguette – from France.
  • Bagel – from Eastern Europe
  • Brioche – from France.
  • Chapatti – South Asia.
  • Ciabatta – from Italy.
  • Foccocia – Italy.
  • Naan – from Pakistan and Northern India
  • Tiger Bread – the Netherlands
  • Tortilla – Mexico.

With all these delicious breads, your guests will definitely love the idea of your party. You can have the round tables rentals Maryland to supply you with more comfortable seating sets in case you’ll be expecting more guests. Serve also some hot cocoa, coffee or tea and voila! The best Bread Party ever.

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