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Anyone would be interested in saving some food just as he/she would to money. So any idea or move that could enable one save some food and money would always be considered to be a great idea. Saving money and food are some of the significant benefits that come with owning a vacuum sealer in your homestead. In case you are interested in saving some money, you will have to reconsider your cooking and shopping habits in order to determine the approximate amount you spend and the return on investment.

A vacuum sealer refers to a small gadget approximately the size of two aluminum foil boxes that is responsible for removing air out from the bag of food that you are storing. Air is regarded to be one of the main factors responsible for spoilage of food. Hence the more air you are capable of removing from your package, the longer your food will be able to last.

For example, there are families who are never cautious not to cook extra food that might go to waste. This might turn out to be costly since it will mean frequent cooking and shopping of food products. It is not compulsory that you purchase food products in bulk, but you can always cook in bulk to help you save on time. Have you ever imagined pulling out a bag of macaroni or sloppy joe filling from the freezer to find it covered with freezer burn or frost? With the vacuum sealers, you will always be capable of keeping your dinner delicious and alright and help you in keeping your families food in the table instead of the garbage can.

There are two major types of the vacuum sealers which are available on the market: The hand held and countered top vacuum sealers. Each of these sealers serves slightly a different purpose.

The Countertop Sealers

The countertop sealers are known to be very expensive. The price of each usually starts at around $50 and increases into hundreds depending on the type of brand and features. The following are characteristics of the countertop sealers:


Some of the countertop sealers only seal the bags while there are other types of countertop sealers that seal canisters and bottles. It is advisable you consider planning on how you will use the sealer before purchasing one.

Space and Size

You need to come up with a definite place where you will store and use the sealer before purchasing it. There are types of sealers which should be kept flat while there are others which can always be stored on their side. The countertop sealers are usually meant for the one time users.

The hand held sealers

These sealers are preferable for food products which you intend to use regularly over a particular time line hence the need to keep them fresh and airtight. Examples of common foods that use these sealers are cheese, deli foods and the cut up veggies.

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