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You might still be contemplating about the kind of countertop material you will use in your kitchen. Your designer would suggest perhaps the quartz kitchen tops since it’s one of the well-known countertop material in the market. Although you can directly feel the persistence of your contractors and designers about their stand on the quartz detail the decision is still yours. Of course, you just wanted to recreate your kitchen into something stunning and elegant, so for sure, you will be making the right decision about it.

The Quartz Portfolio

Before you give your ‘go’ signal regarding the countertop material that will be used in your kitchen and, possibly, in your bathroom area too, there are some important information that you should find out first.

The Cost

  • Like everyone else, the price of an item or a material is what you wanted to know first. This is to make sure that your budget is or more than enough to purchase the material or probably you have to scout for a much cheaper option. The cost of the quartz material varies depending on the quality and the brand of the stone, and where you purchased it. Compared to the granite and marble, quartz is not always less pricey but is way a bit upscale than solid and laminated kitchen tops. Factors that may affect the pricing includes the thickness of the material, the quantity of it, the design you wanted, and of course, the quality of the stone that you will pick.

The Place To Purchase It

  • You might be one of the many who would rather canvass the materials in big and known home improvement shops around your area. There’s no problem with that, actually, although you will only be having a limited selection of quartz designs and might also end up getting a less-skilled person who will handle the installation once you have made up your mind. The best option for you is to invest time in visiting your local stone and mineral depots or warehouses. You might also want to consider checking out companies that host sale, design orientation, fabrication launch, and installation packages or deals. Choosing a company that has their in-house manufacturing and installation, you are guaranteed that you will be getting the service of skilled people for your kitchen counter makeover.

What are they Made Of?

  • Quartz came from the elements of stone and resin which is why it is as solid as granite but sleek and non-porous. The pattern of the quartz stone also depends on the texture used during the making process of the quartz. Most homeowners opt to a natural look, while others prefer to have something more attractive that is totally not available in nature. It is highly advised to have professionals take care of the installation of your quartz tops.

The Maintenance Condition

  • Quartz is surprisingly low in maintenance or maintenance-free if that’s how you see it. But you should never be complacent about it, nor should overlook it. Make it a habit to clean your countertops always because although these material types are durable and sleek, it can still get stains that may also cause other damage.

Color Selection

  • Many manufacturers present their customers and clients with diverse colors and designs which you will find amusing. Traditionally, the quartz design is more natural looking but now there is a glossy surface, darker shade, limestone, and granite. These designs totally depend on how the stones are blended during production, but overall, you can definitely find the right design and color that you’ve always wanted.

Is it Bathroom Compatible?

  • Quartz is perfect in kitchens, no one will attest to that, but if you also wanted to have it in your bathroom then you are making an awesome choice. The characteristic of the quartz is that it’s water-resistant, mold-resistant, and does not require any sealing. Not to mention it is easy to clean and maintain.

So if you are just in the process of choosing the material for your kitchen countertop, don’t forget to add the quartz on your list. But if you have already made up your mind and chooses the quartz well then, good job in making the best choice. You see, the way your home looks like totally depend on how you manage and maintain it. If you opt for cheaper materials, then do not expect that it will last longer because you will end up paying for another installation or renovation after a couple years. While if you invested in the best quartz countertops Potomac materials, you will never be sorry for it.

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