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PTC websites can drive thousands of visitors to any website every day for dirty cheap prices. Their members are 100% human and they all have one thing in mind:

To Earn Money Online

You can clearly see my point here..

Imagine having a website with 5 000 000 people from all around the world that are willing to watch advertisements and complete various online tasks in order to get paid $0.01 – $0.10 per time they watch an ad or complete a task.

For example you could be paying for $2.20 to get 1000 visits to your squeeze page, from 100% real people. I have been using them myself and I’ve seen incredible results without burning my wallet.

These people are desperate to make some money online and they will consume anything that promises them a better online future. Of course, this traffic technique is very well known by the ‘’internet marketing gurus’’ who promote like crazy their squeeze pages getting them up to 500 leads per day for the measly cost of $65.

That’s $0.13 per lead.

Even if the GOD of Google AdWords came to you and constructed the BEST campaign, it would still not get even close to $0.13 per lead.

Of course the ‘’gurus’’ will talk bad about this technique for obvious reasons.. (They don’t want you to tap in..)

Imagine if you could get a cent every time you watched an advertisement in the street or during your favorite TV show. Wouldn’t be fair..

I mean, did they ask you if you want to see these advertisements..

Of course not!

Is it bad that these websites choose to pay you – even a couple of cents – every time you do?

Is it really bad?

Of course not..

People who continue preaching that this is un-ethical and that this kind of advertising is not working is either lying or is either a bad marketer who does not know how to present his offer in front of the particular group of people.

Beware though; there are many scam PTC sites out there. You should join only trusted PTC sites that have been doing business in this field for many years. Read reviews first and learn to distinguish the Good from the Bad.

This traffic generation technique is a simple and cheap ways of getting thousands of 100% real visitors to your website. By implementing the above on a regular basis would warrant a flow of traffic not only for the brief term but also for the long haul.

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