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Looking for a product that will hold your do in place all day without sticky gel or hairspray that dries crunchy? Hair pomade, that rockabilly essential, is coming back into favor, essential to the slicked back hairstyles that are trendy again in the 2010s.

Hair pomade is a water or oil based product that leaves hair slick and shiny, and that doesn’t dry out. It is also long-lasting, and without a clarifying shampoo or a degreaser like olive oil, an oil-based pomade can take several washes to rinse out. As with any other styling product, there are a lot of different brands of pomade, but we’ll take a look at just 5.


Suavecito is a water-based pomade with a strong hold and a clean, light scent. Like other water-based pomades, it doesn’t have as high a shine as the oil-based products, and will tend to dry some over the course of the day. This can be corrected by wetting a comb and running it over your hair. The water-based formula leaves hair soft even when the pomade dries, and it washes out after a single shower. At $9.28 for a4 ounce jar, it’s an affordable choice.


Another water-based pomade, Layrite is a little more expensive than Suavecito, running $14.99 for 4 ounces. It has a higher shine than some other water-based products, and smells like vanilla.The company also offers a high shine pomade that mixes water and oil for a brighter sheen. A little bit goes a long way; Layrite has an all-day hold for even the thickest hair.

American Crew

This pomade is for the man who wants a little softer style. American Crew’s pomade is a high shine water-based product with a subtle, somewhat masculine scent. The medium hold formula allows for a messier look, and hair can be restyled during the day without a need to wet the pomade. The 4 ounce jar is $13.59.

Uppercut Deluxe

Like the other pomades on this list, Uppercut is water-based. It’s a little lighter than some other pomades, but has a strong hold. It also allows for some versatility with shine, as less of the product will give a slightly less sleek look, while adding more gives it a higher gloss. The product smells like vanilla and coconut. Uppercut Deluxe is the most expensive pomade on the list, coming in at $18.00 for a 3.5 ounce jar.

Imperial Barber

Last, but certainly not least, the Imperial Barber line of hair pomades offers several options for customers. Their classic pomade has a super strong hold, even in light rain, and can be applied to damp or dry hair depending on the desire effect. It is a semi-sheen product that, like other water-based pomades, rinses out clean after one wash, and can be reactivated by water. The company also offers a matte paste that goes on without shine, and has a somewhat lighter hold than the classic. It smells faintly of watermelon, and a 4 ounce jar is $14.99.

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