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If you are planning to redesign or renovate the look of your home then buy silk rugs will be a great addition to get appealing traditional look of your dear home. Silk is no doubt a luxurious material and said as a matter of high-esteem.  Silk gives elegance and beauty to any textile product and when it comes to rugs then nothing can be a better option than silk. These rugs are somehow said as difficult to maintain or clean but it’s nothing like that, they can be cleaned at home as well. If you have stains on your rugs then try to clean them as soon as possible with the help of club soda or any other recommended chemical.

Why silk rug is said as a best choice to décor home?

The manufacturing of these rugs involves the combination of silk with other high quality materials like wool and cotton. Generally silk rugs are hand woven or hand-knotted that makes them incredibly impressive as well as durable choice. As the making of these rugs involves high quality material and silk is also said as a most durable fiber for the rugs creation so hand-knotted silk rugs are intended to work for lifetime.

These rugs can enhance the look of any tedious space in a traditional and unique way. They are considered as softest rugs in comparison to other available rugs.  The sheen and luster look of these rugs is really incomparable. You can enjoy different color and look in different angles and lights. Really, these rugs are ultimate choice while decorating your home.

Essential caution while buying silk rugs

The rug created with silk is quite expensive as well as delicate in nature so you need to be more careful with these rugs. You can’t use these rugs in high traffic areas as it can harm the embroidery of rugs. Nevertheless, these rugs will definitely give extraordinary appearance to your space. As these are generally handmade rugs online, that ensures its long life and gives you enough satisfaction of supporting traditional art of weaving. While buying silk rugs, you need to be sure that the rug is made up of real silk as there are so many rugs made up of artificial material or silk. So, it is advised to check well before buying. A beautiful piece of silk rug will be an ideal investment in the value of your home.

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