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A domestic violence lawyer is a legal professional who can offer help with cases that concern violence against women, kids and even men, in domestic surroundings. In rare cases, cases against women are also lodged. The domestic relationships where these cases arise generally include married couples, divorced or separated couples, and even people who are in a live-in relationship or a bond without a commitment. Find out when you should call up such a professional.

Verbal abuse of domestic violence lawyer

Such cases are generally against men, who maltreat the women in their lives with verbal or physical abuse. Over the years, women are so conditioned to abuse that they are often unable to realize immediately that they are being subjected to abuse until the verbal abuse escalates to physical abuse. There are quite a few signs of verbal abuse, and these generally begin with some amount of disrespect from their spouses or male partners. Eventually, this escalates to humiliation or name-calling. Many women feel offended by such things, but there are some who feel that these could be overlooked as the occurrences are rare. However, it should be remembered that verbal abuse could also result in physical abuse.

Possessiveness and isolation

Domestic violence could also arise when a man gets violent and shows possessive tendencies towards the female in his life. He begins to monitor all her activities and the people she talks and meets with frequently. Isolating women from relatives and friends could also signal that the relationship is getting unhealthy from the female perspective. Family members and friends of women in such relationships should be vigilant about such things. This is because women are often unaware of how much they are trapped in an abusive relationship and how far the abuse has escalated.

Frequent angry outbursts

It could also be time to call up a criminal defense attorney if the man in our life is showing frequent outbursts of anger – leading to frequent verbal or physical abuse. The victim of such angry outbursts could be women or even a kid. Statistics reveal that women in the age group of 15 – 45 years are the most common domestic violence victims in the hands of men they have a relationship with. Such outbursts are often followed by a verbal apology from men, and blaming the woman for his outburst for reasons such as going out often with other people, pestering them too much etc. You should stand up for your rights in all such cases.

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