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There are now thousands of tent rentals companies out there that offer a plethora of different types and styles of tents to choose from. Whether you need a wedding tent, a party tent, a sporting tent or a tent for your corporate function, there are some important questions you should ask before you sign the contract. This way, you can be sure that you will have the best rental experience possible.

Party rental company

You want a company that has been part of the industry for a long period of time. A tent rental company which survived for 20 years or more must be doing things right. With the ever growing complexity of events today, you would like a company with a good deal of experience. Some of the best rental companies today have been in the business for 50 or even more years, making them a good choice.

How old is the rental tent?

Tents will never last forever and whether it is a commercial tent, a party tent, a large tent or any type, the fabrics will be damaged and look dull in time. There are some companies that update their inventory every two years band there are some that stretch the replacement cycle for several years. Newer is definitely better.

Is the tent properly engineered?

There is no major concern yet on smaller tents but in most jurisdictions, all tents, particularly the large ones, now come under the strict scrutiny of fire and building inspectors. The most recognized for tents are the IBC codes but depending on your particular location, there might be other applicable codes that will govern your tent. The least thing you would want is not getting the permit for your event just because your tent lacks proper engineering. The best companies which offer quality tents have this kind of engineering handy so make sure you ask them for it.

Is the tent clean?

This may sound a bit basic but you might be shocked to know that there are some tents which already have dirt, mildew or mold on them due to the money and time pressures on the rental company. It is your right to get a clean tent so inquire about its condition and get this in writing.

Important precautions should and can be made to cause the smallest damage on the surfaces where the tent will be installed. Talk about your concerns with your company before they go the site.

What are the payment terms?

Many rental companies are going to ask for a deposit to hold the equipment you agreed to rent. In case you are not familiar with your chosen company as well as the quality of work they do, you might want to consider holding a small portion of your final payment until the end of the event.

Don’t forget to ask these questions on your next event party rental.

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