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There are various types of cranes and people get confused when it comes to choosing a crane for rent. In this guide, you will be provided complete help so that you can find out what type of crane you need.

Types of Cranes

All Terrain Cranes

Not all cranes are good for every environment and location. Some are used for transportation while others are fixed. The all-terrain cranes are effective when something is to be moved to another location. They work well on off-road terrains. These are also known as truck-mounted cranes.

Gantry Cranes

The gantry cranes are a bit different than others. If you have to move loads and materials from one place to another over a short distance, the gantry cranes are ideal. Moreover, these cranes are also recommended when accessing constructions works very closely. Most of the time, these cranes are used in industrial capacities.

Overhead Cranes

This type of crane is a bit similar to the gantry crane as both are fixed and secured with a beam. However, there is a major difference between the type. Overhead cranes move load and material in a linear direction whereas gantry cranes can move in multiple directions. This point will help you figure out which crane you need.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are considered the most ideal and versatile type of cranes. It should be noted that you can easily assemble the mobile cranes. If you have to use the crane at different locations, the mobile crane is the best option as it can easily move from one point to another. In construction works, the mobile cranes are preferred.

Tower Cranes

When compared with other cranes, the tower cranes are the tallest ones. If you have work in urban areas where tall buildings are common, the tower cranes will be the best choice. It is important to note that tower cranes can balance themselves with the weight. Moreover, tower cranes can carry heavy weight and more loads than other cranes.

Crawler Cranes

The name shows that these cranes are not taller at all. Instead, they crawl and move objects from one place to another. These cranes are usually preferred at low heights. Moreover, the construction works on ground also make use of the crawler cranes for their ability to move and set loads and objects.

Hydraulic Cranes

The hydraulic cranes are considered best when you have to move heavy objects such as cars and other items. Unlike other types of cranes, they are suitable at most of the locations. However, their size and working principle can make them unfit for some locations and positions.

Construction Lifting Equipment

Apart from the types of cranes we have discussed above, the below are some of the lifting equipment such as hook lifts, mechanical lifts along with rigging slings and telehandlers.

Hook Lifts

Hook lifts are used in various industries for moving objects. You will find the use of hook lifts in construction, mining, factories and such other sectors. They are cheap to use and reduce the cost as well.

Mechanical Lifts

This type of lifting tool is used mechanically. It is said that the mechanical lifts are the safest and operate without any risks. These lifts have many uses such as in factories, construction works, warehouses and such others. Moreover, they are very efficient too.


It is commonly believed that excavators are used only for digging purposes. However, the use of excavators shows that they are also deployed to carry weight, lift moderately heavy materials and move them from one place to another. This makes the excavators fit for construction works.


Many of you may not be familiar with the telehandlers as they are not very common. Instead, these are used for making platforms on construction, oil and drilling sites. thus they are more common in oil and drilling sites.

Dump Trucks

Lastly, we have the dump trucks and these are also called dumpers. The purpose of the dumpers is to carry as well as lift objects. In road construction and rail works, you will find the dumpers very common.

The guide contains various types of cranes as well as constructions lifts along with their uses to help you get the right crane from crane rental services DC.

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