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The Zojirushi bb-pac20, also referred to as the Home Bakery Virtuoso is a bread maker that features a gluten-free menu setting. Measuring 10.5” depth x 18” width x 12.86” height, the machine can produce excellent results for a large rectangular shaped two-pound loaf that is free of gluten. Dinner rolls, baguettes, pizza, and sandwich loaves represent examples of Zojirushi’s best use. This machine kneads dough more effectively, easily and in much less user-time than any most other bread makers.

Zojirushi’s Features and Specifications

  • Exclusive custom-made menu function that include three memory settings.
  • Fast baking cycle makes bread in as little as 90 minutes.
  • 13-hour delay timer and six-minute power failure backup.
  • LCD clock simplify completion time check and allows you to set up the timer.
  • Menu settings include wheat bread, basic bread, gluten free bread, quick bread, sourdough starter, cake, jam, dough, and three homemade menus.
  • Includes a recipe booklet containing more than a 100 recipes, a simple to follow instructional DVD and a manual.

What Do Customers Say About Zojirushi bb-pac20?

The Home Bakery Virtuoso is one of the top sellers and scored high ratings at Amazon. Buyers are leaving good reviews full of praises for this durable machine. A good number of these are owners of previous models. They are happy to realize that the company has improved this particular model based on feedback raised from the earlier models they own.

Other Unique Features

Large Open Lid – A large viewing window is available to enable you watch the baking process. BB-PAC20 allows you also to open the lid as the cycle continues with no need to reset or even pause so that you can watch the baking or kneading process in action. This feature is crucial especially when you are testing a new recipe, and you need to monitor closely what is going on. Its lid contains an extra heater for baking.

Firm Stainless Steel Handle – Keeps the baking pan in the best position for easier handling and removal.

Dual Kneading Blades  – ensures that dough is thoroughly kneaded.

Features a User-Friendly LCD Control Panel – It enables you to choose from 10 per-programmed settings, three crust shades and set the timer.

Negative Reviews

The few negative reviews left by buyers seemed to be related to customers who were unlucky enough to receive a faulty machine. But, if you buy from a seller with a clear return policy such as, then you shouldn’t worry if you happen to have such luck. As we found out, Zojirushi Machines have fewer faults than majority of other brands.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Zojirushi’s baking tray is easy to remove and clean.


Zojirushi BB-PAC20 comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The Verdict

The Zojirushi bb-pac20 machine is without any doubt, the best bread maker we have ever met. It manages to maintain the remarkable features of the previous model and rectifies on the few minor flaws. Virtuoso bread maker has also managed to innovate features not yet found in any other machine. It goes an extra mile with built-in heating element, the dual kneading paddles, a baking tray that is easy to clean, the high performance, durable motor and wide range of custom cycles. This machine is really worth every penny and is therefore, highly recommended.

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