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There are three major reasons why you should engage in tree removal tasks: tree aesthetics, safety and tree health. Pruning is no longer a simple task. It involves many sub goals like:

  • Removal of dead branches and wood
  • Trimming of branches that can obscure views
  • Removal of insect-infested and diseased branches
  • Improving the flow of air to a branch or tree crown
  • Allowing light flow through a branch
  • Removing branches that rub one another
  • Improving the tree’s overall appearance

Tree cutting

Trees are completely different from plants and shrubs. Shrubs require routine thinning. On the other hand, frequently pruning can change the tree’s overall structure completely. This is why you should be careful of when and how you prune. Tree pruning is done when the tree matures. Some people do intentional pruning when it is young too. The guidelines for pruning has not changed much. It doesn’t depend only on the tree’s size. Here are few tips on when you can prune:

  • If the branches are less than 2-inches, you can make a clean cut
  • If the branches are between 2 and 4 inches, you must be very careful about what you do.
  • If the branches are more than 4 inches, you should have a very good reason to cut
  • If the branch bears more than 1/4th of the tree’s weight, you should not remove the branch.

Different techniques of Tree Pruning

There are two different types of tree pruning techniques. One, you can thin the cuts. This will remove a complete branch. Some people use thinning cuts to prune, back-to-back. This stimulates rapid growth and removes all problems that can stop your tree from growing. Thinning cuts will boost the shape of your tree. Two, you can engage in heading cuts. These cuts will reduce the overall height of your tree. Heading cuts are very difficult. They can destroy the overall look and natural shape of your tree. If the branches are less than a year old, you shouldn’t use heading cuts. When heading cuts go wrong, it is called topping.

On the whole, tree removal and tree pruning has to be done properly. It is always wise to call a professional if the trees are more than 10 to 15 feet tall. Their expertise will improve the look and health of your tree.

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