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DIY pomander balls

The pomander bouquet also referred to as kissing balls is an amazing decorative balls of flowers that hanging from loop of ribbon. In general, these balls are carried by junior bridesmaid or young girls. This sort of bouquet typically are made of fake or artificial flowers made of silk or any other such materials; however you can even make pomander balls with beautiful fresh flowers such as roses, peonies, carnation and so on. Albeit, ordering these from florist tends to save you from all the hassles, but it can extremely expensive if you require the same in a great number.

If you consider DIY pomander balls you can then save lots of your money; Apart from these, you can even relish the opportunity to arrange pomander bouquet based on your desire and provide favorite aromatic scent as well. Here are some easy steps to make amazing aromatic pomander ball with ease;

The following lists the essential materials for making this pomander ball; Styrofoam ball preferably 3-inch one, about 100 miniature colorful silk rosebuds, craft glue, serrated knives, floral any aromatic essential oil, wired metallic cord of length 6-inch, small plastic plate, and wired ribbon of 1-inch width. With these essentials and following the below said instructions you can easily make Pomander balls DIY.

Steps to follow

  • Make a hole on the ball (Styrofoam ball) with about 1×1-inch depth and width.
  • Spread apt amount of craft glue to the plastic plate.
  • Properly plunge the wired metallic cord’s end into the glue and then place the cord’s each end into opposite sides of the ball hole.
  • Dip each stem of rosebuds into craft glue.
  • Then, stick each miniature silk rosebud aptly onto the Styrofoam ball unit’s surface until it is completely covered with the rosebuds.
  • Tie a bow of 1-inch width ribbon; neatly glue it to the pomander’s top near to the hanging loop.
  • You can then dip cotton ball into aromatic oil and put the same into the hole inside the ball.

This way pomander balls are ready to use. You can combine over two different sorts and colors of flowers in order to get amazing effect for your pomander bouquet; adding leaves to your kissing ball is of course yet another good idea to consider. These pomander balls are perfect to lighten up wedding aura. They are affordable and extremely amazing as well!

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