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When a person has an account that can be used to keep a track of the GPS movement, they get various benefits depending on the kind of account they select. Right from instant access to the tracking facility, they also have the benefit of tracking with the help of the mobile which uses platforms like Windows, Android or even the iPhone.

The GPS facility has made it really easy for people to know how they can reach a particular place without taking anybody’s helps. In order to help people keep a track of the different places that they go to, the GPS tracking server has been designed. This server has three main responsibilities

  1. The data from the GPS tracking unit is received
  2. Storing the data securely in a database
  3. Providing the relevant information when the user needs it.

In order to reach out and help many customers, this system is affordable and can be used by households as well as companies. For a person to avail this benefit, all they need to do is to create an account depending on the kind of use they would like to have.

Benefits of having an account

Another benefit of this sort of system is the fact that at any point of time the user can obtain all and any necessary information that they need. This is because of the facility that is provided wherein a person can store any kind of GPS tracking information that they would need.

This facility is designed to suit the needs of people which are why it is user friendly and easy to use by anybody of any age.  It is economical which means that it can suit any person who has a speculated budget and are looking for a facility like this.

Features of the white label GPS Tracking Software

This system has various kinds of features which help the user in various ways. Some of them are as follows:

Different notifications. You can get notifications or instant alerts on your mobile phone in the case if the there is a SOS alarm, speeding, stopovers or theft and even the location of where the unit is presently.

Report generation and history

There is nothing better than to have the ability to generate any kind of report that you need, this would include the fuel consumption, the overall distance that has been travelled, the number of hours that has gone for driving and even a history of all the places that have been visited over a certain time frame.

Helps to save fuel

With this facility, saving on fuel is one of the main highlights. In this a person can get to know the fuel level in the tank as well as the different routes that can be used to help reach faster in turn reducing the cost of fuel consumption.

Setting up geofencing

For those who want to maintain a particular boundary about the driving limits, the Geofencing feature allows you to go ahead and decide the limit where the travel can be done. This is why the GPS Tracking Server is really beneficial in every way.

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