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Backaches and problems related to it nowadays are quite common among not only the elders, but also teenagers. The way we sit, watch TV and drive etc every day, has a lot of influence on our back structure, while it may turn into a chronic issue. It is something that should never be ignored.

What To Do?

Upon visiting orthopedic doctors and back pain specialists on time can save you from a lifetime of damage to your back. Most people in order to save money will ignore the issue with intentions that it will automatically fix itself, whereas it further proceeds to result in chronic illness. From a very early age, we have been taught that the spine is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is directly connected to your nervous system.

Therefore, being very sensitive, it requires attention accordingly. Upon consulting the specialists, the first thing they will inform you is that the decision to go with a back surgery should only be taken after non-surgical, also known as “conservative” options, have failed. If you think the relief has not been added, you might want to then consult a specialist.

One of the most practiced techniques used to eliminate back pain is spinal fusion. Fusing is basically a process which involves fusing an unstable joint, that can cause back pain, but the chances of it being successful are grim. Even though the results have not been good, more and more people have been seen to get it done.

An alternative to fusion is a long and an intense rehabilitation program to control the pain. It may work out well for you without any need for surgery or complications. Let us discuss some of the main reasons one may consider before deciding to get a surgery.

Damaged Discs

If the specialist is able to trace that one specific disc or discs causing the pain, the chances of a successful surgery becomes relatively high. Discectomy is the solution to such issues. As time passes, the discs start to stiffen and wear out. The sides that protrude outwards press the nearby nerves. If you feel that the pain is in the calf, back of your leg and thigh etc. then it might be due to damaged disc or discs.

For pain, which is new and related to disc, conservative care is the best solution. However, if in case the problem worsens, even after conservative care, you might want to consider dichotomy, to get relief by removing the disc portion that is putting pressure on nearby nerves.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a normal problem when it comes to a spine that is aging. Spinal stenosis means that the space surrounding the spine has narrowed. Bone overgrowth and discs that are bulging can all lead to narrowing. Let us share some signs of stenosis:

  • You notice that you have pain while standing, but it comes better after you have taken a seat
  • You notice that the pain worsens when you lean back but improves when you lean forward
  • You notice that the pain is not going down to the back of your legs and only remains still buttocks and upper thighs etc.

If in case you experience that and physical therapies and conservative measures are not helping, you might want to consult a doctor to discuss about surgery. A specialist will suggest laminectomy that removes the lamina of vertebra’s back. A procedure which is safer and as effective as fusion. You will also get recommendations for quick recovery from surgery.

Conservative Care

Let us share some tips on conservative care before you decide to get a surgery.

Apply Heat & Ice

Applying Ice will numb the damaged tissues and provide comfort. You can get the blood flowing after a few days by providing heat.

Stretch and Strengthen

After the pain has eased, start with gentle stretching and strengthening your back.

Stay Active

Try keeping yourself physically active by managing short bed rests and sitting. Prolonged bed rests are not suggested, Try to keep moving to maintain functionality.

Orthopedics and back pain specialists McLean are supposed to make you go through these steps first.. Consider them seriously, as they can help to make a significant change to your life.

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