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Are you planning to make some kitchen improvements? According to most of the kitchen experts, you should spend no more than 10% of your entire home’s value on kitchen remodeling. This will allow you to get great returns for the investment. This may include the costs of installing new faux granite countertops, replacing the cabinets, a new paint, and a lot more.

According to real estate experts, you can as much as 80% of the investment back in a sale. That too, for doing some minor improvements in your kitchen. However, in case you don’t plan to keep the house, do not go overboard. Otherwise, you may face a lost (since most people do not prefer to pay for luxury items in their kitchen).

Some simple kitchen improvements to increase the resale value

In this article, we present a number of simple improvements that you can do to increase the resale value of your house tremendously. These include:

Spicing up the cabinets

The easiest way to spice up the cabinets is to go for a new texture or a paint. However, for a new paint, the cabinets need to be in a good shape. You may have noticed that the kitchen cabinets are the first thing that most people notice after they enter a kitchen. So in case you use a neutral color such as light gray or white, your cabinets will look extremely classy. This will lighten up your entire mood.

Resurfacing wooden cabinets is also a good option, as it makes the cabinets just as good as new. In case you want to give them a trendy look, consider going for chrome or some oil-rubbed bronze options.

Including an island

A kitchen island is a rather modern trend, which quickly changes the entire look of your kitchen. In case you feel like your kitchen looks rather vintage or old-school, a kitchen island will do the trick.

Islands are very popular because they provide some entertainment space, while improving the functionality of the kitchen.

Modern kitchen islands feature cabinets that are of a different color and texture as compared to the other parts of the kitchen. For instance, many people use a light brown texture in the main area of the kitchen with dark brown cabinets on the island. This modernizes the look and feel of the kitchen right away!

Kitchen Island tops are usually made of marble, quartz, or granite, due to their simplicity and good looks. Often at times, marble is also used. This will depend on the individual preferences of the house owner.

Installing a granite countertop

Modern kitchens make use of a solid countertop surface such as granite. Alternatively, you can also use marble or quartz.

However, granite remains very popular and timeless. Due to this reason, it may increase your kitchen’s appeal to potential buyers. Ultimately, this will allow you to get the price that you deserve from the house sale.

Also, remember that you need to use a very neutral color in case you want to make a good impact.

How much does granite cost?

I the case of granite, you may have to pay $55 or more per square foot for installation. However, this is not a standard price and it may vary from place to place. Moreover, different vendors will give you varying quotes, based on their level of service. In comparison to granite, quartz countertops tend to more expensive.

Marble, however, sits somewhere between the two in terms of costs. Nevertheless, these approximations may not apply in every region or city.

Nevertheless, each of the countertop materials tend to have their own pros and cons. So, we suggest you to get advice from professional granite countertop installers Durham NC first.

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