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Social media marketing consultants charge depending on a variety of factors. It can be $20 per hour in an hourly rate or maybe two or three thousand USD on a project basis.

Social media managers generally charge anywhere from $20 to $200 per hour. That is a big range, but this much difference exists with other business consulting services also. Look into the following factors to understand the situation clearly.

Read this article where we’ll help you to outline an approximate amount you’ll have to pay for efficient social media services for your business.

Prior experience and exposure working in the field of SMM is a decisive factor when fixing social media consultant rates – Those who are freshmen or with little experience may charge $15-$40/hour. Next ladder is $45-$75 mark which may go with social media managers having around five years of experience. The next price range is $80-$100 and so on, as per the social media consultant’s expertise in social content marketing, such as auto post to Facebook.

Type of Clients and Their Social Media Management Requirements

The social media consultant rate and the hours of promotion required depend upon the kind of customer, and the type and scope of the business service or products to promote.

Social Media Marketing has a bright future because it’s very effective and comparatively cheaper. It’s the easiest way to generate traffic to your website in a natural way. Social media has greatly changed in the recent past from blogs and forums to Facebook and Twitter, and now everything is coexisting. Video marketing is also gaining momentum these days.

Some Useful Guidelines for Social Media Managers

And coming back to the social media consultant rate with respect to a social media manager’s point of view- you don’t need to charge the same amount for every customer. For most of the cases the social media promo is tailor made for each client, so the rate depends upon the client requirements.

Charge corporate customers more than non-profit oraganizations. Same rule is applicable between thriving businesses and the struggling ones.

Even though you can possibly acquire much more salary on project based social media promo, charging hourly is the simplest approach to do it. You track the hours actually used for Social content marketing with snapshots of the work taken at certain intervals, and then bill the customer accordingly. The more hours you work, the more cash you’ll make.

Social Consultant Rate- Project Wise

Project-wise charging may make sense when working out a social media strategy, which may take more hours and effort in the initial stage. This way you can earn more as per the hard work required in the starting stage.

Even though you’re not charging per hour, having some idea of how much you’d like to earn for each hour of your social promo work will help you determine your correct fee. Initially, it might be difficult to figure out how many hours you’ll work with social media setup, but it becomes easier to calculate with each passing project.

In case you’re ready to finish a task in a short time on the grounds that you’ve done similar undertakings recently, determine your charge with respect to how much your work is worth. The basis should be how profitable your insight is to the customer, and not how long you’ll spend on it.

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