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The roof of your house is the only thing protecting you from external factors. It needs proper maintenance to prevent cracks or damage that might provide unwelcome guests a way inside. It can be relatively difficult to keep your roof and the entire house pest-free so take help from roofing contractors if required. If you do not know where to start, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you fix the issue in no time.

Identify The Type Of Pest

The first thing you need to do when it comes to keeping your roof pest-free is identify the type of pest. Keep in mind that there are many types of pests incurring a variety of damages. Additionally, the type of pests also depends on the weather conditions and seasons.

Some pests thrive in the summer season while others in cold temperatures. That said, if you were to opt for opposite techniques, you are most likely to fail in eradicating them. Furthermore, pests are naturally smart creatures as well. Their bodies consist of immune systems that can fight against some man-made chemicals.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise if you use some pesticides and end up hardly affecting them. The most difficult part of a pest infestation is identifying the source. As mentioned earlier, pests can find their way through the smallest of cracks and holes and can end up inside your house.

On top of that, pests themselves are very small, which makes it even harder to observe. However, some pests such as cockroaches, ants, etc. are relatively easier to spot. So, if you observe nests, chewed wires, droppings, or any other unusual signs, you should be ready to defend yourself against the intruders.

Use Traps And Baits

Although roofs are the most important aspect of the house, they are also the most overlooked. Not everyone has the time or budget to maintain the roof. This means you will need to implement strategies that lead you to expensive repairs and replacements in the first place.

Furthermore, roofs and other such areas of the house are ideal for pests. This is simply because pests are shy and do not opt for areas where there is human traffic. So, for them to choose the roof is a clever decision. However, if you were to use traps and baits, you can keep most of them away

But that will only work for rats, mice, etc., and not for termites or other similar types. This is another reason why you need to know the type of pests affecting your roof. Make sure to plant the traps where the pests are known to frequently visit such as their nests or entry points.

Fix Cracks And Holes

Identifying the source of the pest infection could be difficult. However, if you were to ask a friend or a family member to help you, you are most likely to find it. If not, you will need to consult an expert. Roofs have to bear extreme weather conditions so they might sustain some cracks or damage over time.

While the cracks or holes might not be big enough to let moisture and water through, pests can find one way or another. That is why, you should never underestimate or ignore the size of the cracks. What you may think is not accessible is easily accessible by pests.

After identifying the cracks and holes, you should purchase off-the-shelf sealants and cover the holes, cracks, etc. Keep in mind fixing the holes and cracks depends on the size and type of roof. If the passage is small, you can use a sealant but if it is big, you will need to use a mixture of sealants to permanently close the route. However, if the cracks are numerous, consider roof repair by a roofing expert.

Trim The Trees

Every homeowner likes some greenery surrounding their properties. While plants and bushes are one thing, opting for trees is another. Trees are amongst the biggest pest sources. If there are trees installed near your house and they are big enough for the branches to lean over your roof, you will need to trim all of them.

Not only does it lead to pest infestations but also extreme damages due to extreme weather conditions. During high winds, the branches can break and come in contact with your house, particularly the roof causing a significant amount of damage.

That said, make sure you keep the trees properly trimmed and within a manageable limit. If the trees are allowed to grow, there will come a time when not only pests but birds and other bigger animals might take accommodation.

More importantly, if there are trees close to your house, it is easy for the pests to make their way inside through the branches or underground. That said, keep a close eye on your basement as well because some pests enter a house from the basement.

Install Vent And Chimney Covers

If you have a chimney installed in your home, keeping it in perfect working condition is your responsibility. If not, you will face problems that will require extensive solutions. Vent and chimney covers with time lose their structural integrity and need to be replaced.

This is particularly the case during extreme weather conditions. Strong winds easily knock the covers off and leave an open passage for the pests to welcome themselves. Therefore, make sure your chimney does not have gaps, holes, cracks, or damage that might encourage pest infection.

Perform Regular Roof Inspections

Although roof inspections should be performed by a professional, if that is not possible due to some reason, you should do it on your own to keep things under control. Ask a friend or a family member to help you with the process and make sure to wear safety equipment before climbing the roof.

If the roof is wet or slippery due to recent rainfall or snow, you should wait for it to dry. Performing roof inspections especially after heavy rainfalls and snow is important because gutters can become choked and pests find a place to rest. Prolonged water clogs can cause rust and lead to roof leaks.

If ignored, the water finds its way inside the house and may damage the walls and furniture.

Schedule Expert Roof Inspection

Professional roof inspectors are trained and skilled to not only perform inspections but also maintenance. Keep in mind that a roof comprises several different components. If there is an issue in either of them, it could lead to issues down the road.

Moreover, roof inspectors also maintain the roof. If there is any damage, cracks, or holes, they will fix it for you as part of the inspection. Most homeowners ignore roof inspections, assuming it is an expense. However, it goes a long way in terms of keeping the roof in perfect working condition.


Dealing with roof infestations can be tricky. However, if you were to keep a close eye on the signs and regularly maintain the roof, you are most likely to keep such situations at bay. Make sure you consider the weather conditions and opt for expert roofers who specialize in dealing with roof pests and other similar problems. brus

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