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Hard-working, independent, strong business women, you have come to the right place. We know how much you work to earn your cash and how many sacrifices you have made to get to the professional level you are right now. You are never the kind to depend on a man for any of your needs and you will do everything in your power to outwork them and enjoy a successful business career. We appreciate all of your efforts and bow down to your accomplishments. To repay yourself for all the hard work you put yourself through every day, we want to treat you to the ultimate business woman styling guide, so you can look like a lady and act like a boss at the same time. Suit up with style and get that paper!

1. Stilettos

Stilettos are a must have for flawless business woman attire. They don’t have to be the tallest in the world (we know how your feet feel after ten hours in 6 inch heels), but make sure that they are present.

2. Blazers

No business woman outfit is complete without a slim fit, perfectly tailored blazer. Try either using just one button or leaving it open altogether, but make sure that it fits your body just right for the best effect.

3. Office Skirts

You saw this one coming, but let’s clear things up a bit. An office skirt inspires attitude, good taste and decency, not skimpiness and trashiness. No miniskirts – try a knee-length, high waisted skirt to stay classy.

4. Subtle Accessories

You might love piling on bling, but keep that for the clubs. If you want to show that you are down to business, wear a genuine pearl necklace at the base of your neck and maybe a pair of discrete pearl earrings to match. Remember: class, not trash.

5. Shirts & Blouses

Keep them lightweight, loose-fitting and stylish. Slightly tuck your shirt or blouse into your office skirt or pants and choose a light fabric that will flatter your skin and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Go for monochrome or neutral tones.

6. Smart Dress

Be careful when choosing your business dress, there is a very fine line between appropriate attire and exaggerated sex appeal. Avoid short dresses and low V-necks, go for a knee-length piece that expresses your purpose and that you are not the one to be played with.

7. Black

All black everything – perfection. At the office or at your business meeting, you can easily dress perfectly in black from head to toe without looking like you are about to attend a funeral. Keep it classy and trust your aesthetic instincts.

8. White

All white everything – perfection. This business woman fashion idea works just as well as “all black everything” and is amazing to rock during the summer. Clean, crisp, fresh and determined – these should be your definitive inner and outer traits as a business woman.

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