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Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add color to your home or a high-end statement piece that will wow guests, these tips will help guide you in choosing the right rug for your space. It is a good idea to go for traditional rugs if you want a warmer feeling in your house.

Both area rugs and a wall-to-wall carpet have their own benefits. You might want to choose one over the other depending on your requirements. However, buyers are often confused and unaware about the best options that they can choose from. But worry not, because these tips will help you pick the perfect one.

Choose Rug Size Wisely

If you’re shopping for rugs, size matters. A large rug can make a room feel larger than it actually is, while a small rug can make a room seem smaller than it really is. To determine how big a rug should be, measure the length and width of your room. Then multiply those measurements by 0.75 (or 75 percent) to find out how much square footage you need.

Look at the Material

Next, consider the material. You’ll want to choose a durable, stain-resistant material that’s easy to clean. Wool is a popular choice because it’s soft and warm, but it also tends to hold up well against stains. Cotton is another good option because it’s comfortable and easy to care for.

Consider Color

If you’re going with a solid color, make sure it goes with everything else in the room. A neutral shade like tan or gray works well with any decorating style. If you’re going bold, go with a bright hue like red or orange.

When selecting a rug, it is also important to consider the color style. If you want to keep the look clean and simple, choose a neutral color palette and opt for a smaller area rug. A larger area rug will overwhelm a small space, while a large one will feel overwhelming in a medium sized room.

Think About Pattern

The first thing to consider when shopping for rugs is pattern. If you want something bold, choose a large-scale pattern such as stripes or polka dots. If you prefer a softer look, opt for smaller patterns like flowers or geometric shapes. You’ll also want to think about texture. A plush carpet will feel luxurious underfoot, while a rough surface will be easier to clean. Finally, if you’re planning on using your rug outside, choose one that’s weatherproof.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

It’s easy to overlook the floor when choosing rugs for your home, but it’s just as important as any other part of the room. Consider the type of flooring you have before buying a rug. If you have hardwood floors, you might not want to go with a rug that has a lot of texture. Instead, opt for a smooth, flat rug. If you have tile or stone floors, you might want to avoid a rug that has too much color or pattern.


When it comes to aesthetics, it is all subjective. What might look good to you may not look suitable to someone else. So, feel free to experiment with your choices and see what is good. However, you should do enough research before investing in an area rug. Otherwise, you might be stuck with the wrong choice.

Feel free to reach out to a rug store that specializes in selling antique rugs Alexandria. Experts at the store will help you pick the best option for you based on your aesthetic choices and the indoor theme of your house. So, reach out to a store near you today!

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