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It is important to find out what rugs on sale are the best for your room. It is important to understand how a room can be used, what sort of traffic it will get, and how much luxury you want. The material defines your rug’s appearance, feel, longevity, and maintenance.

Best types of area rugs

Here is our list that will help you determine the best rug material for your space.

Wool Rugs

If you give priority to an easy-to-clean home, Highland-resistant coherence wool is a great choice. Another quality to note when purchasing wool is that it is naturally flame retardant, rust-proof, and odor-resistant, and it still preserves color exceptionally well over time, is very durable, and can last longer than its polypropylene counterpart.

Great for:

The wool rug may be one of the better options for the soft texture and sustainable development of your den, dining room, living room, or playroom.

Not so great for:

However, they might not be too perfect for your kitchen, outside or baths without good ventilation, because of the higher prices and the very luxurious feeling.


If you’re low on a budget but still want the comfortable feeling, quick to clean, and sustainably made material that might be what you’re looking for with good durability, cotton rug! You cannot find pure cotton in rugs more often than not, so it is mixed with other fabrics to improve its longevity and begin to tint.

Great for:

Except in hot conditions, baths, and poolside, patio environments, cotton rugs can be used indoors or anywhere.

Not great for:

Nevertheless, bear in mind that these rugs do not take the beating that others can and that they quickly collect dust, making it important to frequently vacuum.


With a firm feel, sustainable processing, and high durability, Sisal is another inexpensive option. It is allergen-friendly and quick to wash. This material, while being one of the strongest fibers within the rug material continuum derived from the herb, has water-retaining properties. It has anti-static properties that make it easier to hold the dust away. It also has a textured look and soundproof features, making it truly popular with design professionals.

Great for:

Except in kitchens and bathrooms, sisal is most frequently favored indoors.

Not Great for:

If you want the cloth to be comfortable, in the case of sisal, the only probable con might not be too luxurious looking.


And then at last we have a rug material with high durability qualities, low cost, comfortable feel, washable and outstanding for both indoor and outdoor use!

Great for:

It is water resistance that is their star property. Overall, it is a great choice whether you have children or pets in the house. In nursing homes, it is a popular option since wheelchairs can also roll effortlessly over low-pile polypropylene area rugs.


However, the only drawback may be the fact that it appears to collect dust too quickly. It will then be such a pain to clean it continually. High traffic conditions, such as your dining room, staircase, or hallway, are perfect for polyester rugs if you don’t mind the replacement costs.


People vulnerable to allergies may also like to consider Jute. It is the cheapest vegetable fiber acquired from the skin of the plant stem. It has poor thermal conductivity, high acoustic insulating properties, and no skin reactions. Their chunky, knit piles create a massage-like sensation for bare feet.

Great for:

Jute rugs are suitable for living quarters, kitchens, computer rooms, playrooms, and almost anywhere indoors where wet, sturdy texture, renewable manufacturing, low cost, and medium durability can be avoided.

Not great for:

With that said, the only con is that they need to be protected in damp conditions so that they can easily deteriorate.


All of these rug types basically allow you to choose the best-suited option based on what your preferences are. And the sum of the budget you have. Until making the final call, ensure that you do the requisite market analysis before you go to buy traditional rugs Vienna VA.

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