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Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones that you can find in the market. And it has been used in construction and buildings from hundreds of years. With that, they often call it the ‘dimension’ rock. This is because granite companies quarry it to get slabs of different dimensions.

Today, the use of granite is very common in houses. You can easily spot them in the kitchen and the bathroom, for instance. After all, granite countertops are a big deal for many people and the top choice of many countertop experts.

In this article, we will discuss all the major characteristics of granite and see if it is suitable for your house. This will help you in making good buying decisions when you go out there.

So, what is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock. This means that it can be found both above the ground and in the crust of the earth. Mostly, granite is composed of feldspar or quartz. Though, it is a natural rock that if extracted and then cut out.

For instance, in the case of kitchen countertops, granite installers cut blocks of granite into the form of a slab.

Simply put, igneous rocks are those that form due to the solidification and cooling of the lava. On the other hand, we have the metamorphic rocks that are formed due to intense pressure and heat. At the same time, sedimentary rocks are formed due to fossils.

Characteristics of granite

Now, let us take a look at the characteristics and qualities that granite has. This will help you understand why granite is a top material of choice for many people. These include:


The first quality of granite that sets it apart from the rest is its appearance. For instance, granite is easily among the most nice-looking natural stones on earth. Further processing can give granite a range of different colors and styles.

So, regardless of what your color preferences are, you may find something in the market. However, it is true that in comparison to other man-made materials, the color ranges in granite may be limited.

However, that is simply because it is a natural stone and hence, undergoes only a limited amount of processing. In comparison, faux granite, which is a man-made material can take on more colors because it is easy to process.


The next major quality of granite is that it is very durable. And this makes granite countertops very suitable for use in the kitchen. And due to this reason, it is also a good option for those kitchens where the traffic and movement is high. Although, granite can be prone to chipping away near the edges.

Heat resistance

With that, granite is also very heat resistant. This means that it will not expand due to heat, which makes it a very suitable kitchen countertop. So, you would not have to worry even if you place a hot cup or hot plate on the countertop.

This gives homeowners and kitchen workers a higher level of freedom as they do not have to worry about damaging their countertop all the time.

Stain resistance

If you seal the granite countertop properly every year, it will resist all stains. However, if you do not seal it, then you are in for a lot of surprises. In this case, your countertop will end up absorbing oils and other liquids that once seep through its porous structure, will be difficult to remove.


Now that you know everything about granite countertops, you are ready to place an order for it. Just go to good countertop replacement companies Rockville and express your concerns to them.

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