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For a first-time buyer, choosing a new countertop can be a very overwhelming experience. The main reason is that new buyers do not have any previous experience. As a result of this, they find it hard to choose any type of countertop. Based on surveys and different studies, most beginners choose quartz countertops (if they have the budget to buy them, of course).

But unfortunately, quartz countertops do not come for cheap. In fact, they are one of the most expensive options out there. Though, marble and granite can be more expensive due to their luxurious nature, high demand, and low supply.

In case you are a first-time buyer who is looking for a decent countertop for his/her kitchen, we got you. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know.

Guide for first-time countertop buyers

So, why do you want to buy a countertop for your kitchen? If you think about this question, you will realize the importance of countertops. Without a decent countertop, a home kitchen is incomplete. You can sit alongside the countertops for breakfast or use them for shopping and cutting.

In that sense, countertops tend to have some amazing advantages. So, it is incredibly important for you to choose very wisely.

Consider the function

The first step to choosing any type of countertop is to consider its function. Then whether you are choosing a natural stone top, or a synthetic man made top, the function should be your main priority.

This also depends on your cooking and usage habits. For instance, people who use the knife a lot or spend a major chunk of their time in the kitchen shopping vegetables, they should get rigid and hard countertops. This is because other countertops will be prone to getting scratched.

Similarly, those who work a lot with oils and liquids should avoid wooden countertops because of their highly porous nature. The oil seeps deep into the wooden tops and this results in permanent stains that will not go away.

Mix it all up

Every material has a different strength and different weaknesses. Many homeowners even mix different materials up by combining multiple slaps to make a single countertop. As a result of this, they get many benefits.

For instance, you can use a marble slab for all your oil related work. And a butcher’s block slab on the side for all your cutting or chopping related work. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Know your budget

Of course, this is the limiting factor for most people. If you do not have enough budget, then you will have to limit your choices. However, if you have a decent budget that allows you to choose all types of countertops, then there is enough room for you.

Just make sure that your choices are based on research and not by plain guesses. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong choice, and regret later when you realize that the kitchen countertop is not suitable for you.


When it comes to buying countertops, we always suggest homeowners to take a second expert opinion. Experts typically have more experience with countertops and hence they can let you know what suits you more.

In the end, though, you will choose the countertop that you prefer the most based on your requirements and aesthetic appeal. In the end, do not forget to include the cost of countertop replacement NC in your budget also. This is because installation and replacement of countertops can cost quite high (so you must always have that high room in your budget).

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