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If you are not doing a construction project with millions of dollars as your budget, odds are that you will have to rent things like mobile cranes, crane trucks and tower cranes from crane rental services to complete your projects.

But renting a tower crane can be a complex process. So, here is an easy guide for you to follow.

Consider Your Project’s Requirements

There are some factors that determine the type of tower crane you need to rent for your project. The typical considerations for tower crane rental should be conventional, precast or slip formwork. This makes the selection process easy, and usually determines the capacity and even the type of tower crane needed.

Let’s take the example of slip formwork. This activity requires you to use a very active crane that will be used for heavy duty work at full speeds and capacity for long periods of time. So, you will need a heavy duty crane which is made for this specific purpose.

Additionally, the worksite conditions also help determine the type of tower crane needed. Flat top cranes are perfect for worksites which have multiple cranes working at the same time. On the other hand, lifting jib cranes are needed for heavy populated cities in which there might be other tall structures around the worksite.

If You Are Buying A Crane…

However, if you can, buy a tower crane for use in future projects. You must consider the type of projects you usually encounter. This way, you will have to invest less in buying cranes and stuff, and you can focus clearly on your work.

As far as the workplace safety is considered, both buying and renting the cranes ask you to be sure about it. These cranes work really high, and pick up heavy loads. So, if there is any accident, it can cause a great loss of life and can also ruin your progress in the project. Quality made cranes might cost you a bit more, but they will also last you a lifetime. The company renting out/selling the crane should also provide immediate support should anything bad happen during the project.

The supplier of the crane should also be trustable and reliable. For crane rental, you should also look for the reviews of the potential provider to see what their customers have to say about their crane services. Read some reviews as well.

This Is Why You Might Need To Rent

Most construction companies do not have huge budgets to buy and park all the construction related stuff in the world. Additionally, tower cranes can be really expensive to buy. Here are some reasons on why you might want to rent a tower crane instead of buying it.

Tower cranes are really expensive, unless you run a big construction company, buying a tower crane would not have you a good ROI (return on investment). So, it is both unwise and a waste of your money to buy things that you might not even need in all of your projects. Instead, you can easily rent a tower crane for any reputable provider. Additionally, you can get a discounted price by renting the crane for many days.

Tower cranes take a lot of space to park. Most of the construction companies do not have enough space to park things like these. If you rent a hanger/parking place to park your crane, the expenses might outweigh the profit you will ever make through that crane.

There are different types of tower cranes that need to be utilized depending on the project at hand. That is why if you invest in one type of crane, it will be useless in most of the projects. One the other hand, renting a crane allows you to choose any type of crane you want at the moment, and rent it for a much lower amount. You also do not have to do the maintenance work.


These were some reasons and considerations about renting tower cranes from a crane for rent VA service. They are really heavy and dangerous equipment, and hence should be used only by qualified operators. This mitigates any dangers regarding improper usage of cranes, and also keeps the rental machine safe.

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