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An oil furnace or burner is the perfect cost-effective solution to keep your home warm during the winter. It includes many safety attributes along with uniform heating capabilities. Since the winter season is upon us, it is time to get it ready. However, before you switch it on, there are certain things you need to consider. After months of not using it, you should perform some maintenance to make sure that it is off to a good start or if needs repair, get an oil burner repair service to do it. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some oil furnace safety tips for you to follow. Follow us.

Ensure Efficient Oil Burning

An oil furnace burns oil to produce heat. To ensure that it is efficiently producing it, the oil furnace should burn the oil completely and there should not be any remnants. If in case there are some leftovers, you will observe black smoke exiting the chimney. This could pose problems for the oil furnace. Therefore, if you notice something unusual with your furnace, call an HVAC professional to have it checked.

Clean The Pump Strainer And Filter

The pump strainer and filter in a furnace is designed to keep dust and debris away. As a result, the furnace maintains its smooth operation and optimum efficiency. With that being said, it is suggested that you clean the pump strainer and filter at least once a month. If you ignore it, dust will accumulate and cause the oil furnace to break down.

Clean The Stack Control

Oil furnaces come with a safety feature known as the stack control that automatically shuts it down in case the oil furnace is malfunctioning. Make sure that you keep this component clean so that any problems related, could be avoided. Since the stack control attracts debris, dust, and grease, ensure that it is regularly cleaned and maintained. If the oil furnace shuts down all of a sudden, clean the stack control and reset the oil furnace.


When it comes to oil furnace safety tips, vacuuming is a key factor. Regular vacuuming is supposed to keep dust and debris away from the oil furnace. If left ignored, the dust could potentially harm the unit. Furthermore, make sure that the area surrounding the oil furnace is clean. Moreover, if you are not aware of how to vacuum the inner compartments, call a professional.

Develop Furnace Rules

From the outside, it might seem that an oil furnace can bring no harm but only in worst-case scenarios, it can. If you have kids playing around the furnace, make sure that they are kept away. Since the kids are not aware of what it actually is, it is better that you develop furnace rules. Make your children understand that an oil furnace can become very hot, therefore, playing around it could potentially be very harmful. Implement strict measures to ensure they do not come close.

Schedule Inspections

If you thought that your oil furnace does not require regular inspections, then you are wrong. You have to keep up with the scheduled inspections simply because the unit needs it. Sometimes, an oil furnace may look just fine from the outside but you will not be aware of a part that is about to give up. Through regular inspections, a professional will identify the issue before it turns into a big problem. As a result, your oil furnace will be saved from expensive damage.

Avoid Fixing Things Yourself

There is a difference between knowing how an oil furnace runs and how it is repaired. An oil furnace consists of several small parts. If you observe a problem and start fixing it yourself, it might not be a good idea. Oil furnaces are not something you would want to play around and experiment with. If it is a minor problem, you could easily turn it into a much bigger problem. The key lies in identifying the root cause. If you are repairing something yourself, you are at the risk of injuring yourself and voiding the warranty as well.

Final Word

Summing up, the oil furnace safety tips outlined above are meant to keep you and your oil furnace safe and running efficiently. Not only will it bring the best out of your investment but keep your loved ones protected as well. Therefore, if you have an oil furnace installed in your house, make sure to stay on top of the safety game, and get help from furnace repair services ronkonkoma if needed.

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