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There are a ton of countertop materials to choose from, so you are bound to be confused if you don’t know what you want for your kitchen countertops. Here is a detailed run-down of one of the most common types of countertop material and that is Silestone or quartz countertop.

What Is Silestone?

Silestone is essentially made from quartz. It is a very strong and durable material and it is used to make a variety of things like shower trays, sinks, counter tops, bathroom cladding and it is also used in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It is a very low maintenance material and it gives an expensive and high-end feel to your kitchen. It is resistant to scratches and stains and it also prevents bacteria accumulation on its surface as well, unlike other countertop materials.

Things to Know About Silestone Countertops

Here are some things that you need to know about Silestone.

It Is Stain Resistant

Silestone is generally a dense material with little to no pores or spaces in it. So, because there are no hidden crevices or cracks in the material, Silestone is very resistant to stains and scratches. Silestone is non-absorbent, which makes it one of the best countertop materials to use in the kitchen to date. It is one of the most common and loved types of material by most people, because it is amazing, and it ticks off all the boxes for perfection. Not to mention, it looks stunning as well. Who doesn’t want a countertop that is stain resistant and looks beautiful on its own at the same time.

It Has A Huge Variety of Colors

Unlike other rocks, which are available in a limited range of colors and hues, which can clash with your kitchen or bathrooms, Silestone is one of the very few rocks that is available in a multitude of designs and colors. The color range is very large, and you can choose the color which goes with your kitchen and according to your liking. Since people are all about color coordination and they want everything to match, then Silestone is nothing less than a dream material for them, because it has no boundary in color range and this is one of the main reasons why it is becoming a flourishing trend in the market nowadays.

It Is Used in A Variety of Things

Silestone is not just limited to countertops only. Silestone is a very versatile material which is used in a lot of other things. It can be used in making trays for your showers, it is used in making bathroom and kitchen sinks because it is strong and durable. It is also used in remodeling of kitchen and bathrooms, and sometimes, it is used in making flooring as well. There are endless things which are made from Silestone, no wonder it is so popular nowadays.

It Is Low-Maintenance

As mentioned previously, Silestone is a dense material with no pores in it or on its surface. This makes Silestone very easy to clean. You only need a cleaner and a sponge. Wipe it down and you are good to go. With other countertop materials, some might have veining or designs in them, which can lead to small bacteria and dirt to collect in it, making it a nightmare to clean out. Silestone has a smooth surface on the top, and it is squeaky clean in no time at all. People obviously love a countertop material when they do kitchen remodeling because it is no-fuss when it comes to cleaning.

Cost of Silestone

The cost of Silestone varies. The variance of cost depends on the thickness, color and the quality of the Silestone. Normally, the price of Silestone fluctuates a lot as the season changes from summer to winter. So, you should buy Silestone countertops Raleigh NC when they are at their lowest, because then you can get a good bargain. Silestone is on the expensive side of the spectrum, but keeping in mind its great benefits and durability, it is well-worth the price because it will last you for years on end. Moreover, quartz or Silestone countertops are considered more luxurious when compared to natural stone countertops such as granite.

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