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Hair balayage has become a part of the trend which has caused more hair salons specializing in colors to establish that offer the services of balayage hair highlights. However, you can do the balayage hair color yourself to get those sleek highlights.

What Is Balayage?

Before going for the balayage yourself, you must know the basics of what balayage highlights actually are. These are somewhat highlights but doesn’t require that much precision and delicacy. Mostly balayage hair highlights are visible even in lighter toned hair. Hair balayage is a more relaxed and free-form approach than normal highlighting. For example, the traditional highlighting approach employs the use of dye applied to the selected section of hair. The balayage techniques that are used in hair salons specializing in hair color is done by doing painting-like strokes starting from the hair near the surface of the root to the end. This leaves you with a natural highlighting finish which is very low-key and chic.

Balayage hair highlights can be done at home with the proper steps and care, you will have a low maintenance hair color going on for you.

Take Precautions while coloring your hair

There might be some allergies you may have that you don’t even know. Hair balayage employs the use of chemicals that may damage your hair, although there are fewer risks associated with balayage hair highlights. It is only precautionary that you take advice from a professional at hair salons specializing in colors and discuss any past problems with your hair. They can advise you on whether getting highlights is the right option for you. Make sure you do some hair allergy tests at least two days prior to the planned coloring which can minimize the sensitivity of the hair towards the products.

1. Use Hot Cross Bun Technique

This technique is the most generic technique used by hair salons specializing in colors. This technique involves your hair to be parted into four parts using a comb from ear to ear. After parting into four, you may clip the sections to keep them in place. Now, work along from section to section essentially coloring equally to every section of the parted hair. This technique may take some time but will have effective results.

2. Applying Some Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline cream is more of a hack than a step. Basically, the cream or jelly helps the skin of ear and neck to avoid any stains that can be caused in the process if applied on to the hairline and around the ears.

3. Secure Each Section

Coming back to the hair bun technique, once you have successfully parted the hair, you will need to apply the dye. You can use a comb applicator to apply the dye from the middle part of your hair towards the end and not applying it to the roots. You can definitely use the fingers to apply the dye but remember to use gloves. When you are done with one section of the hair, secure it with a hair clip. When you put your hair up to clip it, make sure that no color drips onto the roots.

4. Finalizing

For a more effective balayage hair highlights, you can target the areas of your hair that need extra colors. Once you are done with every section of the hair, you must wait for up to 45 minutes to an hour depending on the length and volume of your hair. To check if the color is applied, you can remove the wash the dye from only one strand. If it has the desired result you want you can wash your hair with warm water. The next time you see your hair, they will be highlighted as you had envisioned.

Balayage for Short Hair

If you need balayage hair highlights and you have short hair, you can easily do that without doing the hot bun technique (obviously). Simply use the comb applicator dipped in the dye. Remove excess dye and take a thin section of hair out and use the teeth of hair to apply the dye to the middle all the way to the end. Use your fingers to blend the color into the hair.

Balayage hair highlights are very easy to DIY at your home no matter what length or type of your hair is.

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