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Are you one of the million people who’s aiming to get that size small shirt? Or those jeans that fit a 24? And that drop-dead-gorgeous bathing suit you’ve always dreamed of wearing on the beach? Guilty as charged, we envy the women who are naturally thin and are effortlessly sexy[…]

So after your years and months of hard work and the countless visits to diet clinics around your area, you have finally reached your waistline goal! The feeling is truly priceless, isn’t it? Being able to achieve your biggest goal for the year is such an accomplishment and many –[…]

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Being able to implement an effective nutritional strategy is of the utmost importance for any personal trainer, but especially those working with clients with weight loss targets. While some PTs work exclusively towards helping others drop the pounds, the market is far too big for any to ignore completely. Energy[…]