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The 2016 presidential election polls is just a few months away, and the whole of America is gearing up for the most important race of the planet; the top job at the white house. While, currently, the millions of registered voters in America are getting ready to select their own candidate from the parties, the race for the top spot is heating up in both the camps.

With nearly more than one dozen, Republicans have given their nominations for the party’s primary, the DNC is also getting ready to select from few of its carcases. Both sides are taking extra care to decide upon the best candidate; however, as with every election, the main motto of transparency is being maintained by the both houses.

The republican race:

Although the race at the republican end is quite tough and tight; however some trends are emerging which can easily give us a clearer picture. For instance, the Iowa projections have told us that from the Republican side, the main race is between Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Both are slowly heading ahead of the challenge of Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, and are the most likely ones heading for a showdown. However, in the past few weeks, the race between Trump and Carson has gotten even closer, with Trump just being in the driver’s seat. Other candidates such as crowd favorite Bobby Jindal, and others are slowly ebbing away from the race.

One thing is for sure that Trump, Carson or even Bush can give the republicans are a great chance this time around at the next year’s Presidency polls.

The race to reach the DNC:

The Democratic National Convention will unveil the next POTUS candidate and the VP candidate of the Democrats. Currently, former first lady of the United States and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton seems like the most likely and likeable candidate for the Democrats. Of course, this is the second time that Clinton is running for the top job after losing out to President Barrack Obama nearly 10 years ago. By all poll predictions and news network odds, the tide seems to be hanging slightly towards Clinton. The former first lady can be deemed as the favourite not only to win the primary but also the actual main elections. However, many are also making 2016 presidential election predictions about a strong Democratic challenge internally from VP Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the political veterans.

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