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If you are not living under a rock for the past 100 years, you probably should already know what an elevator pitch is. Wikipedia describes it as a “short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition”.

As the name suggests, your elevator pitch should be your succinct sales pitch that concisely explains what your business does – within the span of an elevator ride. Sales managers, corporate warriors, small business owners, and even your top level executives practice their elevator pitch in order to quickly convince and value-add to conversations, in the hope that that conversation would lead to a possible connection and eventually, a sale. Sales coaches are earning big bucks making it their living to redefine and train people on their elevator pitches, and how to be interesting. How nice would it be if we could delegate this nerve-wrecking task to someone, or something such that we would always be able to give that perfect pitch to our prospects and win them over with our products and solutions? Even better still, if we could use it every single time to pitch. Well, it is possible with Video Production Singapore.

Corporate Video Production Singapore allows you to present your elevator pitch in a clear and consistent manner. Even better still, they combine perfect audio and visual to explain your message in an engaging manner.

They demonstrate your product very well!

Remember the days when infomercials are so popular? Why do you think they were so successful? This is because of demonstration. When a product is demonstrated, users are able to see clearly how exactly the product can be used, and the benefit it brings, and the problem it solves. They can immediately visualize HOW exactly they can use their products in their own lives.

Using TV as a medium also allowed advertisers to use certain music that would evoke certain emotions they would like their viewers to have. They can also choose the appropriate tone of voice to impact the buying decision! On top of that, the company’s brand colors can be used to ensure consistency with the whole marketing message. Coupled with the moving animations and changing scenes, the power is now in your hands to engage your audiences!

However, since infomercials and TV commercials are prohibitively expensive, most businesses would not have the luxury of using such mediums to advertise. That is why many are turning to Video Production Singapore. Video Production enables such businesses who wish to demonstrate their product in an engaging manner to harness the powers of TV yet without the associated high costs. Furthermore, people absolutely adore videos. There would be associated ‘free’ publicity and brand awareness when people share your videos.

Case Example – Dropbox

A wonderful example of how videos are great for demonstrating and explaining a product is through Dropbox. They initially faced the challenge of explaining their solution to the mass market that were not even aware they had a problem. So, they decided to get a Corporate Video produced. Within a short and snappy 2 minutes video, they were able to present their case and demonstrate how their product works! After placing it on their homepage, there was no turning back for Dropbox; they have just hit a 300 million users mark! And they have continually been using videos to explain their business!

So you see, you can place your video on your Homepage, Facebook, Youtube and any digital domain you own. They will be your perfect elevator pitch, anytime, anywhere, to your audiences.

If you would like your perfect video pitch done, we would recommend Claritee Productions, Corporate Video Production Singapore. They make produce very good quality videos that would bring your message across to your audiences, turning them into buyers of your products.

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