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Even though it’s still warm and sunny outside, fall is right around the corner. At this time of the year, weather remains unpredictable. You never know when this comfy hot temperature will turn cold. That is why it is the right time to hire the hvac contractor for repair and maintenance work of the HVAC devices.

Importance of scheduling Fall HVAC maintenance

It is a wise decision to hire a HVAC professional to inspect your HVAC system every fall. The professionals will do inspection and cleaning of the wiring and working components of the heating and cooling units, which is somewhat difficult for the average homeowner to do. Below mentioned are some important HVAC maintenance measures, which are unavoidable.

Filter replacement

Make sure you replace old air filter before turning your heating devices ON. Air filter replacement is not once-in-a-year chore. You should get your air filter cleaned in every 2 to 3 months. Air filter replacement should include furnace filter replacement, air filter replacement and humidifier filter replacement. Dirty filters are toll on the heating devices as well as on your health. New filters will provide you with clean air to breathe and clean ambience to live.

Air duct cleaning

Fall is the best time for air duct cleaning. Your fall HVAC maintenance checklist should include air duct cleaning task. You can accomplish this task on your own or hire HVAC professional.

Air leaks

Checking and getting rid of the air leaks is very much important. Inspect your windows, air ducts, vents and more for leaks. These small leaks can cause a lot of heat loss. So, you should better get them repaired before winters.

Checkout the Fuel Levels

If you own a furnace that operates on propane or oil, you should inspect the fuel level before the start of the season. This will inform you whether you have enough fuel to last throughout the winters or not. This check is not necessary for natural gas HVAC systems. In fact, if you want to use energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating devices, you can think about oil to natural gas conversation. Many HVAC contractors are actively offering these services as well.

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