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The hard disk on Mac can be divided into several parts (known as volumes). With more volumes, one can do better management to the hard disk data. According to users’ needs, each volume can keep specified information. Through this way, people may save much more time to find desired data in the hard disk. In addition, they may suffer from less when virus infection happens to the Mac partition. As a result, Mac users would like to create multiple volumes on Mac. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about a situation where you lose a volume from the Mac? It is sure that you will be nervous when this kind of unfortunate thing happens. Without too much professional acknowledge to the problem, one will have no idea to recover lost volume from Mac. Then, is there any way to pull him out? Actually, in recent years, this kind of restoration becomes easy. And many Mac data recovery software manufactures have developed tools to help users do the job. The MiniTool Solution Ltd is just the one among the companies. After years of researching, it has published the MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for Mac users. With the assistance of this utility, common users can restore the Mac partition with ease. The detailed steps to do the job will be shown for users below.

Use the Software to Recover Lost Volume on Mac

Download and install MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to your computer. As soon as you run the software, you will find four modules to select.

  1. To recover lost data from lost Mac partition, please select “Lost Partition Recovery” module in the main window.
  2. Choose the drive where partition loss occurs. Then click “Full Scan” to search the missing volumes as well as data saved in these volumes.

Preview the files in the volumes.

  1. Tick the data to be recovered and click on “Save” to keep them to a safe location. Then you can put the files into a reliable device.

Once files saved in the lost volume have been recovered, we can recreate Mac partition, and then transfer recovered files back to the new volume. Now, the job to recover lost volume from Mac is fulfilled. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is well worth trying for users. Why not check the performance by yourself?

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