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In the corporate world, it is easy to see the walls of the office every day and forget that humans are the true pillars of the business. By infecting unique corporate entertainment into your daily grind or even at your next trade show booth, you establish connections with customers and increase employee moral.

  1. W9’s mean hiring a keynote speaker or entertainer for a meeting or holiday party can save you money come tax time. An entertainer is seen as an independent contractor, and such expenditures for a company are seen as a 100% deductible tax write off.
  2. Interactive entertainers like a corporate mentalist create an experience and a bond with employees and customers. They can liven up salesmen dinners and wake up your staff at boring holiday parties. imagine taking a client out to dinner and having their wives name read from their mind! The bond formed between a salesman and a customer is solidified with such unique displays of a corporate mentalist.
  3. Infusing corporate goals and product benefits with a magical presentation, can peak audience’s interest and encourage retention of benefits. In a trade show, product benefits can hit home by infusing them with entertainment. You can get a trade show magician sales host for the price of a custom pen or mug giveaway.
  4. Encourage team building with a fun murder mystery. Your team will be highly excited about work and it establishes a common friendship with your team. You can even get a comedian or a magician who hosts such events to add another diverse level to your company party.
  5. It’s a tax write off and your team will appreciate your humanity in giving them a break. In fact depending on your accountant, customer and employee appreciation parties are a HUGE write off. Why pay uncle Sam when you can promote your staff with entertainment incentives such as a Magician, mind reader, hypnotist, or comedian. Aren’t your staff and team members worth that money? It’s a narrow minded company that can not see that for less than the price of a shrimp cocktail per guest, an entertainer can actively accelerate your company’s goals.

Remember that your employees and coworkers are expressions of your company. As a hiring incentive, positive attitudes will ensure that the better candidate for the job will want to come work for your company.

The corporate sector had long been seen as a boring anti human totalitarian entity driven only by profits. Look at the leading search company Google. Google has learned that employees are more productive when you establish goals and foster relaxation at work.

Amongst Google’s infinite generosity is the establishment of free back massages & haircuts, child care, and even allowed video game breaks where their staff is encouraged to play one of the many video game consoles that adorn their offices.

Learn from a business giant, and start seeing a holistic business identity where happiness and productivity go hand in hand!

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