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Car window tinting comes with plenty of benefits. It prevents prying eyes from the insides of the car, improves the look of the car, among many other things. The process involves the installation of a glass film made from clear polyester and a thin layer of tinting agents, metals, and dyes.

The dyes absorb light while the metals reflect light. There are many types of tinting films both cheap and expensive. The high quality films are made from multiple plies that are joined together thus making them strong, durable, and more efficient.

During the installation, the professional tint installer uses a computerized template to pre-cut the tint film that matches the shape and size of the car windows. For you to get the most from the tinting job, you need to ensure that the film is properly installed.

Signs of bad tinting

It’s easy to tell when the tinting material has been improperly installed. Some of the things that you should look out for include:

Noticeable gap and uneven lines: You need to look at how close the window film is to the edge of the window. If there is a significant gap and the film line isn’t even, it means that the installer didn’t use a computerized template to pre-cut the film.

Purple tint: It’s the low quality window tints that will turn purple over time. The basic tints will change color as they age and as the dyes fade. If you notice your tinted window turning purple, it’s of low quality and you should ask a professional to replace it as it will have an ugly look in no time.

Distracting bubbles: You will have bubbles in your car tint when you install low quality tinting material. Bubbles will also happen when the tint installer isn’t keen at removing all the air during the installation.

Failure of the film to stick to the dot matrix: Many car windows have textured dots that can prevent the film from adhering properly to the windows. When the film isn’t properly installed and doesn’t stick, it creates a zig-zag line at the dot matrix.

There are gaps around the defroster bars: Just like the dot matrix, the defroster bars on the rear car windows are often elevated. Due to this, the window tint isn’t firmly pressed against the bars; therefore, if you don’t properly install the tinting film, bubbles will come about.

How can you tell that window tinting is properly done?

It’s easy to tell when the tinting job is properly done. Some of these signs include:

Small and clean edges: When the window tint is properly installed, it should have clean, consistent lines that are close to the edge of the window pane. These lines will come about as the tint installer uses computerized templates to pre-cut the film providing a clean, even line.

Effectiveness: One of the ways of ensuring that your tinting job is right is using high-quality tinting films. If the film is blocking most of the heat and UV rays, it’s most definitely of high quality and it has fewer chances of fading, peeling, cracking, or bubbling.

Warranty: If you were given a warranty after the installation, it means that the installer is confident in his/her work thus the film is of high quality.

How can you prevent poor window tinting in the first place?

Did you know that you can prevent poor window tinting? By preventing it you not only save money that you would have spent taking the car to a tinting shop, you also save time.

One of the ways of preventing poor vehicle tinting is buying a high-quality tinting film. Many people try to save money by buying a low-quality film, but you shouldn’t do this. You should note that the film you install is as good as the results that you will get; therefore, you should ensure that you buy a high-quality film for you to get good results.

The other thing you can do to prevent poor results is to take your car to a reputable car window tinting shop Springfield. Again, in the spirit of saving a few dollars, some people take their cars to a cheap contractor.

The best way is to take the car to an established professional. While the professional will charge you more, the extra amount will be worth it.

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