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Our fridge is One of the most important and reliable things in our kitchens. These appliances work continuously for years, and in many cases, for decades without requiring much maintenance and upkeep. However, just like any other electrical appliance, your refrigerator can also stop working without any prior warnings and you may need urgent refrigerator repair.

So, if your refrigerator has stopped working for any reason, you should first understand why it stopped working, and shoot then find a way to repair it. While there can be a lot of different reasons for your refrigerator not working properly, this article only mentions some of the most common reasons why refrigerators usually stop working, and how you can fix those problems.

If The Light Is Off

This might seem simple, but your fridge can definitely stop working if it isn’t receiving any power.

If this is the case with your fridge, you should first check the breakers in your home’s electrical circuits. Most of the modern homes have a dedicated breaker for your fridge. On all the electrical circuits, the fridge might be getting its power from a regular wall outlet. So, if this breaker is down, you can turn it back up, or can replace its fuse if it seems broken.

If this does not seem to be the issue, then you should check the wall outlet your fridge is getting its power from to see whether that outlet is receiving electricity or not. To do this, you can simply plug the lamp into the outlet to confirm. If the lamp does not turn on, this is an indication that there is a problem with the outlet. You can simply fix the refrigerator problem by repairing or replacing the outlet.

If the outlet is also working fine, then you should also check the power cord attached to your fridge to see if there are any signs of damage on the cord or not.

Light Is On But Fridge Isn’t Working

If the light in the fridge is turning on, you can confidently tell that the fridge is receiving power. However, if the fridge is still not working, you should try these repairs before calling an expert for the job.

Try Turning The Temperature Down

If the fridge does not seem to work, you should try turning the temperature setting down to see if it starts working. This trick might or might not work depending on the model of Refrigerator you own. That is because the freezing mechanism of every refrigerator model is different.

Ensure Enough Airflow

If your fridge is sitting in a tight space, move it out a bit and make sure that it receives enough here from every side. Every fridge works at its best when it has enough clearance on the back and stops to get continuous supply of air. The air is basically needed for heat dissipation from the coils working within the refrigerator. If there is not enough air around the refrigerator to allow for proper heat flow, the refrigerator might eventually heat up, and might stop working altogether.

Try Cleaning The Coils

If you think that it is overheating that is causing your fridge to stop working, you should also clean the coils of your refrigerator to try and resolve this issue. Trying this can be a risky process, therefore, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the booklet that you received with your fridge.

Check If The Compressor Is Working

If the compressor seems to be at fault, you can also check the heat by unplugging your fridge for around two hours, and plugging it again. If the compressor starts up after doing this, there might be an issue causing the compressor to overheat and stop working.

Additionally, these tests will only help you detect the actual problem with your freezer. For effective repair and restore ration of your fridge, you should always call an expert to check and repair it for you.

A refrigerator is an expensive investment, and you should never take chances when it requires a professional appliance repair Northern VA expert for maintenance and repairs. So, call a repair service today, and start the process of repairing your refrigerator.

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