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If there’s one thing that can put a person on edge, it’s to return from a hard day of work to a house that demands it even more.

House cleaning is a perfect little nuisance but couple with that a demanding job and a family that is depending on you and you have a perfect little recipe to drive yourself into overdrive. This is where we recognize your need for a professional cleaning service in Chicago that takes some of the load off of your shoulders.

Sweep Home is one of the best cleaning services in Chicago and offers special, flexible packages that cater to everyone’s needs. Our teams arrive at your doorstep and make an estimate of the costs that would arise to give your desired space a thorough cleaning every time.

Our teams don’t just clean but we thoroughly examine each and every surface for any signs of dirt or smudges and do our level best to make your whole desired area (house, office space) shine!

Here are some of the elements we swear on for our cleaning services in Chicago when we tell you that our team will be thorough when they visit and examine your desired area in order to clean it:

  • We will clean bathrooms, kitchens and any tiled spaces in the best way possible. This means disinfecting the grout and cleaning the areas until they absolutely sparkle.
  • We know how cupboard fronts can grow grimy due to constant contact. We will wipe your cupboard fronts and pay special attention to the floors of the area where you or other people spend a lot of time so that the cupboards and floors are restored to their original, clean and attractive look.
  • Dusting! We know how harmful dust can be. We are also aware of how difficult to remove it can prove to be once it decides to set on, well, anything such as your ornaments, lamp shades, window sills, and various furniture items as well as light fittings. Our team is especially trained to locate dust from those hard to reach places and to escort it off the premises so you don’t have to worry about breathing problems or even your house looking bad and aged due to the dust. We got it covered!
  • Complete vacuuming is another great element we offer and include in our packages. Let’s face it. Simply brooms and mops just can’t remove the dust and particles from carpets and even the curtains, right? This is why we offer complete vacuuming services so that you don’t have to endure those previously unmanageable dirt spots.
  • Spot cleaning of paint! Did you get a paint-job anytime in the past few years? Did your painters leave spots of paint all over the floor? Are you irked by their present? Fret no more. We will remove those unsightly paint spots once and for all!
  • All you ask for! Yup, if you think this list isn’t comprehensive enough, feel free to tell us what you have in mind for our cleaning services in Chicago and we’ll do it your way!
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