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Property is a major purchase, and most people prefer buying a property with a real estate agent’s help. It is because a real estate agent is someone who’s specialized to do this and is well- aware of the whole process. But what makes someone choose a specific real estate agent from many others? It is their goodwill and reputation. ORM refers to online reputation management in the market. People want to work with someone whom they can trust, as buying property is an expensive purchase. Your competitors are constantly trying to win over you, and the demands are also changing. So, how would you manage your online reputation for a better experience? By using a review management system. But how?

Your reputation doesn’t only depend on how you are presenting yourself online. But it also depends on your customer’s opinion. So, keeping that in mind, here’s how you can manage your online reputation effectively.

Research About Yourself

Yes, you read it right. Research on yourself. Here’s why, when you help your customer in buying the house of their dream, you know, you did your best. But, are you sure your customer is satisfied? You need to keep a check on what others are talking about you.

Moreover, observing your website from the client’s perspective will give a broader vision of your services. For instance, while visiting your site, visit in a way as you are a customer, and then see where they would go first. Are you answering all the queries a first-time buyer can have? Is everything required for a call to action available on the first page?

Remember, your customer satisfaction is everything for you. The easier to reach and convenient services you provide, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Lastly, observe from the client’s eye-view, “Would you choose yourself if you were the client?” If you think there’s something you’re not satisfied with. Then, you must find out what and work over it.

Win Reviews

On a digital platform, your testimonials are defining your services. Data from statistics show that:

25% of the clients trust online reviews the same way as personal recommendations.

And obviously, if you succeed to win customer trust, they’re going to recommend your services to their friends and family as well.

To build your reputation, you need as many good reviews as possible. On average, you need 112 reviews to satisfy your customer. And there’s no boundary for the maximum amount of review.

Respond To The Negative Reviews

A mistake most of the businessmen make is by avoiding the negative reviews. By doing so, you’re not only increasing the risk of your potential client leaving you. But, this is also going to leave a lot of questions regarding your services.

A single negative review can wash out the impact of many positive reviews. So, it is your responsibility to satisfy your customers.

All you have to do is to inquire about the issue and resolve it. It will not only ensure your clients that you care about them. But you are also leaving a good impact on your services on them.

About 70% of the clients want to work with realtors that provide good services.

Stay Connected To Social Media

The best way to approach your clients is by connecting with them on social media. Stay updated about their demands and their queries. You must know what they are expecting from you.

Moreover, to showcase yourself properly, you also need to update your information regularly on social media in the form of blogs, ads, and press releases.

Optimize Your Business

Optimization is one of the main strategies to build your credibility on social media. People prefer working with those that have updated information and skills. Plus, with the help of SEO techniques, you are improving your rank in the search engine. And users most likely to click on the very first results in their search engine, even they end up working with them as well.

Therefore, you must update your keywords, Metadata, and other words according to the services your clients are looking for.


All these strategies given above need to be focused on a regular basis along with the use of a trusted customer review software. You should always keep looking for better tips to improve your credibility in the market.

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