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Of course, cleaning a chimney is of great importance. The thing is, that you need to take care of your chimneys in order to prevent hazards such as a house fire. This is why chimney inspection and sweeping is so important. The main purpose is to keep creosote at bay[…]

Chimney repair done by chimney sweep may appear to you a chore that is not considered to be done immediately. A slight crack on the chimney may appear cosmetic and you may want to avoid the repairs. But, it should not be avoided. It is in fact the right time[…]

Chimney rebuilding is nothing but a part of chimney restoration and in most of the cases this affair is quite costly and thus you need to take good care of your chimneys that can prevent hazardous damages inviting costly repairs especially rebuilding or replacements. In this case, the old chimneys[…]

Chimney crown repair is the indispensable part of chimney maintenance. Chimney crown require frequent repair since they are located high above the roofline which is inaccessible. It is important to hire a professional for chimney crown repair. There is far little protection from the external elements and so you need[…]