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Although, heat pumps have been around for a long time, heat pump repair professionals observe that many people don’t understand them. Due to this, they are surrounded by plenty of myths. Here are some of the most common myths:  

Heat pumps will dig a hole in your pocket

You must have heard that it’s expensive to keep heat pump working. While heat pumps are expensive to buy and install, they are cheap to maintain. This is because the units consume little energy. Experts report that heat pumps consume 30% less energy than conventional heating systems which sees you saving a lot of energy over the long run.

For you to get the most from the units, you should buy high-quality heat pumps with high energy ratings. You also need to take good care of the units so that they can maintain their high energy efficiency.

You need to wear earplugs

Decades ago when heat pumps were getting into the market, they were bulky, unattractive, and noisy. This is no longer the case. Modern heat pumps make use of the latest technologies in terms of noise reduction and energy efficiency enhancement.

This makes the units highly energy efficient and quiet. Modern heat pumps make the same noise levels as refrigerators. The noise comes from the fan as its pulling air through the system. Do you need earplugs when using the refrigerator? You definitely don’t need any form of hearing protection when using heat pumps.

Cold climate means a cold home

Since heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside and bring it into the house, many people have the notion that once the outside temperature is too low, the units won’t work. This is no longer the case.

Most of the modern heat pumps have the capabilities of working at temperatures of up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that your house will still be warm even when the outside is freezing cold.

While the heat pump will still work, you should note that it will most likely consume a lot of energy; therefore, you will have a high monthly bill at the end of the month.

Heat pumps are only good at heating

Due to their name, you might have the impression that the units are only good at heating the house. This is not the case. Heat pumps make use of the mechanical-compression refrigeration system that can heat or cool the house depending on your needs.

This means that instead of buying an air conditioner during the hot months of the year, you only need turn on the cooling feature of the heat pump and it will cool the air in the house.

You need to keep heat pumps on all the time

To keep the house warm, some people have the notion that they need to keep the heat pumps on all the time. This is not the case.

Most of the modern heat pumps have high heat outputs; therefore, if your house has proper insulation, you need to put on the heat pump for just a short time and the resulting heat will keep your house warm.

You should turn the unit on when you feel that the temperature in the house is getting low. For you to have an easy time setting the right temperatures, you should have a programmable thermostat in place.

Heat pumps take a lot of space

As mentioned above, initial heat pumps were large and bulky, hence used to take a lot of space. Modern units are small, elegant, and take just a small area. for you to keep your house warm, you only need to work with your HVAC companies Long Beach and they will install the units at the right places.

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