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Flashlights are update into a new technological era where they don’t just serve as lamps to light up your way to the basement. As technology evolves flashlights are evolving as well into a multitasking tools that can serve you for any kind of situations.

People have always had a defense tool in their homes to protect themselves from robberies, but having a gun in your home is dangerous especial if you have children in your home. Americans have searching for a less violent alternatives to guns and the latest flashlights are the perfect alternative. The flashlight that every enthusiastic fan of flashlights has been waiting for is finally released to the public. After Lumitact dropped contracted with the US army for the G700 LED flashlight is finally released on the market.

Is G700 the ultimate self-defense flashlight?

Before Lumitact dropped the contract with the US army this flashlight was forbidden for regular citizens because of its neutralizing power. With a staggering power of 700 lumens this flashlight is the brightest flashlight on the market with the latest revolutionary technology that is 2 years ahead of other flashlights.

Revolutionary LED technology

Since the last update on the LED light from 2007, things haven’t change until several months ago with the realist of the G700 flashlight. All manufacturers have been using a circular LED diode to transmit the lumen power on to a target, but it didn’t transmit the energy in one place. The G700 has integrated LED technology which is a chip that is successfully transmitting all of lumen power in on place. With the integrating LED chip lots of space was empty which allowed the developers to make the flashlight smaller and handier.

G700 updated features

Features on this flashlight are things that make this flashlight amazing and useful for any type of situations. Regular flashlights have about 2 or 3 features that are not so amazing and useful, but on the other hand the G700 Led flashlight has 2 separate modes that come with 5 pre-set sub modes.

Focus mode

The Focus mode feature can adapt to any kind of environment landscape with their 5 pre-set sub modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe you now can enjoy nature in a safer way. The strobe mode primary feature is for self-defense purposes that can neutralize any kind of enemy force within seconds from flashing directly to their eyes.

Telescoping mode

When going on a hunting trip or camping the most important thing is to have a viewable perimeter around you that can guarantee your safety. Telescoping feature on a flashlight is a must have tool especially if you are a fan of outdoor activates. With the telescoping feature you can have a viewable perimeter of:

  • X1
  • X250
  • X500
  • X1000
  • X2000

Rechargeable batteries

Maintain your flashlight comes always an extra monthly expense of $10 which not everyone is fan of. With the G700 Led flashlight you will only have to get 3 double-AAA batteries one time and with the rechargeable option you don’t have to worry about getting new batteries every month.

For more info you can check out the’s story on G700: The flashlight of the future

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